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SuperMetronome Groovebox Pro Update

LumBeat developer Luis Martinez has updatedSuperMetronome Groovebox Pro. This is the first update to the app in two years, and a complete overhaul at that!

What's new in SuperMetronome Groovebox Pro v2.10:

- New Design
- Swing
- Beat Hider
- Progressive Tempo Tool
- Count In
- Count bars
- Fixed Problems with iPhone 6s
- Lights on the Groove notes
- More little improvements
- 2.01 Solve the crash on "Percussion 1" sound set.
- Fixed litte bugs

Reader Comments 4

I hope they publish this update for android and on the Amazon App Store.

It is difficult having a modern android phone and NOT being in the grips of Google. (Yes, I'm in the grips of Amazon, but it is much less obtrusive).
August 15, 2018  | favorite_border stub
I like that there are multiple stores on Android, but man that Amazon one is always a pain to update from. At least on my Samsung tablet, is it less of a pain for you?
Right now, the Amazon store wants me enable a sync mode, but I can't do it. So it may be that when I need to update an app, I'll have to delete it, then download it (which will cause me to lose presets).

I also understand that it is a pain for developers. The Caustic developer made this great update, but won't even post it on Amazon.

Google is too invasive and I really don't want any company to have that much control over my on-line life. But my avoiding of Google is hard work.
August 15, 2018  | favorite_border stub
is this app has ableton link?
August 16, 2018  | person_outline Stan

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