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Russia & Apple Murder Independent Journalism

Three Russian journalists were killed this week while investigating a Russian mercenary company in the Central African Republic. These are just the latest in a long list of journalists murdered by Putin's government.

In related news: Apple killed discchord this week. All iTunes affiliates received the following email:

Thank you for participating in the affiliate program for apps. With the launch of the new App Store on both iOS and macOS and their increased methods of app discovery, we will be removing apps from the affiliate program. Starting on October 1st, 2018, commissions for iOS and Mac apps and in-app content will be removed from the program. All other content types (music, movies, books, and TV) remain in the affiliate program.

This month discchord will be celebrating its 7th year, but this short email from Apple puts a pall over that.

For those of you unfamiliar with how the affiliate program works, it has been Apple's way of compensating people who help them sell apps. For every dollar you spend on the App Store, Apple takes $0.30. If you bought that app after clicking on my links, or links from your favorite YouTubers, we would get a few cents from those $0.30. (I'm not actually allowed to say the exact number.) That might not sound like a lot, but it added up!

Throughout the past 7 years, the iTunes affiliate program has been the backbone of my personal income. Some of you may feel indifferent to the affiliate program. I've seen some people express resentment at YouTubers and bloggers making money off app sales. But that tiny commission is what's kept the lights on here, by keeping me out of a full-time job. iTunes commissions account for 47% of my income so far this year.

In one sentence Apple have pulled the rug out from under me. I've seen some baffling statements of quasi-support from people saying, "I hope that doesn't affect [their favorite affiliate site] too much." Imagine Apple shows up and takes away 47% of your income without explanation. It affects me like that. For sites like AppShopper this is probably closer to 100% of their income. TouchArcade is likewise reeling from the news.


I haven't been sitting on my thumbs over here. I knew I had a good thing going, and I didn't want to sit around waiting for it to disappear. I'm always on the look out for my Next Big Thing. If you've listened to my recent podcast appearance you heard how I've been trying to improve my skillset. After re-writing the site I'm now an expert at Python and modern JavaScript frameworks. I'm also quite knowledgeable about apps. About 4 months ago I decided to combine these fields of expertise by making a better AppShopper.

If you're a casual AppShopper user you might not notice that it is quite bad at keeping up with new apps. Just today they finally spotted MyCity MySounds, which I reported on back in June. They rely entirely on the iTunes API for all of their information, but the iTunes API is notoriously spotty. Half of my work on discchord has been on ways to compensate for how bad the iTunes API is. So I built a network of web crawlers that watch sites like Twitter and Reddit to find new apps; based on what people are talking about. As you read this I have 7 servers all over the world that are busy crawling around with my code. Once I got that part done, I began working on the front-end. I'm about 2 months from having it completed, but now I'm not sure what to do. Without iTunes affiliate commissions the site will have to rely on advertising... but ad blocking is so prevalent that this seems like an unlikely way to recoup the costs of all these servers and my time.

My time is an important factor here. The new site was going to run itself with automation. Any other enterprise threatens to take time away from discchord, which requires about 4 hours every day. Now all of the afternoons and evenings I've poured into the new site over the last 4 months have been for nothing. I could have spent that time doing literally anything else and it would have been more productive.


Yesterday Apple became a trillion dollar company, while casually killing off one of the smallest. I'm not actually likening my plight to the victims of Putin, but damn. This is brutal. I was happy making pennies on the dollar. I've been truly proud of my work providing independent tech journalism. Then Apple wanted all the pennies.

We're a tiny community. We're a niche of a niche. Musicians are a small portion of the population, and musicians enthusiastic about iOS apps are an even smaller portion of those. I've tried everything to make advertising work here; including the Google ads you see now. It doesn't matter. There just aren't enough people. With over 700,000 monthly views here, I only make around $250 per month from Google.

My native ads don't get many buyers either. Developers don't make much money themselves, so I'm extremely grateful to all of the developers who have parted with their money to advertise here. I genuinely appreciate the hell out of every single dollar Patreon Patrons throw at me. This shortfall from iTunes is many many hundreds of dollars and I can't reasonably expect Patrons to make up the difference, but I invite you to try.

While Apple were taking a victory lap yesterday, I was looking pretty hard at my own finances. If I can't get the site to start generating a lot more money in the next month, I'm going to have to update my resume and shutter the site. There is a petition on Change.org, but I'm not getting my hopes up for Apple to change their mind.

If any developers out there feel discchord is of value to them and their business, now would be a great time to consider advertising on the site before it's too late. That's basically what I need at this point: BIG Patrons.

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All this move from Apple just adds up to the amount of decisions they have been taking that leaves a bitter rotting feeling on my stomach
August 03, 2018  | person senhorlampada
Seriously fuck apple. Just fuck them. 1 month warning when people’s livelihood is dependent on this; what a dick move. Shame on you tim cook I no longer think you are a good man.

“increased methods of app discovery, we will be removing apps from the affiliate program”

This “increased method of discovery” doesn’t exist for music apps at all, and nothing they create will be able to come close to much less replace what you do Tim. Worse, they know this and blithely misrepresent as if they aren’t hurting so many.

This is so disgusting on so many levels I want to break something or cry. I will join patron Tim, but my five bucks a month won’t be enough. Just fuck apple.
August 03, 2018  | person_outline claude
Tim - while not a Big Patron necessarily, I did just become a Patron for you. Keep it up - I'm so sorry there's not more I can do, but your service is invaluable to us iOS nerds. Thanks for what you do!
I’m posting again because apple clearly has no idea how important Tim Webb and Dischord are to the complete apple music ecosystem. I make professional backing tracks for videos, and I currently perform around half my work on my ipad pro. The rest on my laptop with Logic. I would still be using Pro Tools 10 on windows if it weren’t for the ipad music community and people like you. I regard you as the center of the ipad music community and already apple has gotten so much value from the fact Dischord exists. It’s bad enough apple has never considered advertising on this site, now this. It’s so depressing seeing apple in lock step with so many other forces seemingly designed to destroy beloved websites. I really once though tim cook was a good guy. No more. With the foxcon crap and so many other things it’s heartbreaking to realize how soulless apple is. They celebrate their trillion valuation by destroying the little guy.
August 03, 2018  | person_outline claude
I will calculate how many apps I bought last year (after I finish my record-keeping). Just choosing a figure, I'll set 10 cents per app, divide that by twelve and increase my Patreon monthly by AT LEAST that.

Firewire, audio input, SM slot, ethernet, headphone jack, USB 2, affiliate program... Apple hates connectivity. Or perhaps, Apple only wants THEIR connectivity.

Ugh. $1,000,000,000,000, and they are letting the doorman go with no severance.
August 03, 2018  | favorite_border stub
How much do Microsoft Google or Amazon pay App affiliates then?
August 03, 2018  | person_outline Bianca
Bummed about the impact on your income Tim and all of our other bloggers too. Will look to increase my patreon commitments as best as I can.
I’m a regular reader, and I’ve bought most of my apps through this site. Now I’m a patreon. Keep up the good work, Tim!
Apple doesn’t care about smaller markets and their users. The App Store is useless for providing any information to musicians who rely upon sites like Discchord to provide them with reviews so they can determine which apps will meet their needs.

Hopefully the people who provide information about apps, developers, and users can find ways to redirect resources in a way that sustains their activities rather than lining the pockets of Apple shareholders who undermine them.
This pisses me off. Sorry Tim :-(
August 03, 2018  | person Hmtx
you don’t get to be the wealthiest company in the world by not exploiting and rolling people. it’s about time timm, get a real job like everyone else! don’t worry, trump has got a plan for all of us.
August 03, 2018  | person_outline cb
Damn... Tim, I'm so sorry for you. I'm sure you're going to find a way out: you've got so many skills! Don't give up!
August 03, 2018  | person half d
👍 listened to #68 Music Production Podcast Podcast earlier…

Have you considered going the YouTube Subscribers & Ads route? Could reach out to others on YouTube for support?

🤞 You can keep up the good work ✌️
Apple, Google, Microsoft, YouTube it’s all about forcing people down a small plug hole and extracting as much cash from them as possible while they circle the drain. Only the rich get richer, and the rest of us can fall in line or fuck off. It’s always been the way. Those really interest in having their illusions ripped, especially friends living in the ‘Land of the Free’ should check out the movie Zeitgeist.
August 03, 2018  | person Zen
Shine on, humanity, shine on...
August 03, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Yeah i thought of you when i read that bullshit, about the same time they declare a trillion dollar milestone?

Discchord is one of my favorite sites, somthing has to get figured out, devs are gonna have to support you and us regulars here are all gonna have to do our part too, i cant imagine anyone with a brain wants to see you get shit on like this not for the work youve done for the ios music production scene. It was you who convinced me to buy an ipad instead of an mpc500 for my train comute, im sure many others remember you as a first face when they were starting back when ios music production wasnt what it is today... it wouldnt be where it is without discchord, thats for sure.
August 03, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Thank you everyone for all the support! I was pretty emotionally drained after I wrote this so I've been taking a breather. I sincerely appreciate all of the comments here.

@Daveypoo: & @napoo: Thanks especially to you guys for helping me move the needle!
Damn Tim, just god fucking damn. You are the best. The other Tim is the worst. This site cannot go, you should be able to keep this up as long as you wish. Your work is so much more than just app discovery. It is journalism indeed, and sometimes just plain fun to read your opinions. I am a very small Patreon, and I do encourage every other reader here to become one too. Any Appstore will never inspire you like this site to go and discover new apps, so consider your Patreonism a way to sustain your own creativity as well as a more concrete way to support the man that has made your app discovery and inspired use of music apps possible. Imagine 1% of all unique monthly visitors of Discchord donating just 3 dollars each through Patreon.....
August 03, 2018  | favorite_border Erik
This change of policy by Apple is anti-developers.

Developers get a huge amount of free pubicity and advertising from content creators like Tim doing reviews/tutorials of their apps on YouTube, Blogs, and web sites.

The incentive for these content creators is the few bucks they get from people buying apps via their link. Take that incentive away and content creators vanish and the free publicity vanishes as well.

Developers need to get organised and lobby Apple to reverse this policy.
August 03, 2018  | person_outline Simon
Man, this absolutely breaks my heart! I got to Discchord after I found your series of “Everyone can Play Music” onYoutube. I always thought that series was brilliant and a huge effort. I’ve been following Discchord since then.

A couple of thoughts:
Anyone who says “get a real job like the rest of us”... well, with his programming skills Tim could be making 6 fucking figures or close to that. The big loss is for us who follow Discchord and enjoy the content for a couple of bucks or no money at all... which brings me to my second point: this move by Apple may as well be a bullet through the heart of iOS music. Who’s gonna have any fucking motvation to keep promoting iOS music?

Tim, I got a new position recently as data analyst and I pledge to increase my Patreon conteibution... once I get sober... but I promise this is not just drunk talking
Hi Tim
I'm sorry to hear that Greedy Apple are doing this to you and many others. Others who (naming no names…but I wondered how come certain OTHER popular App affiliate sites suddenly stopped emailing or just went mute quite some time ago … Maybe a lil bird told them the SP first - who knows...) . As sorry as I have seen over the years the prices of these Apps rocket to sky high tiers too. Not because I don't want you to make cash. On the contrary I do think that you deserve all the cash you make for the no filter App News you provide and for many years I literally check this site daily AND make MOST of my App Purchases directly from here too.
Regardless of how Niche App Use is. TRUST ME slowly but surely it's becoming Popular and I think many aren't realising this. I've been saying to Jakob Haq for ages "Many Men & Ladies Too Can TRULY See how iOS App Creation audio Tools can put 'em onto a Groove - fully or with Pre Production FAST - until they bounce to DAW, Ableton or the like to complete their Project and Nuff of these same people aren't admitting to others their using the Apps because many IGNORANT / SCOFFERs OTHERs who (as another reader says WILL FALL INTO LINE AT SOME POINT) see them as Toys. But that 700,000 you mentioned that visit here and all them YouTube Subscribers watching EXCELLENT SLICK ; Grammy Nominated Henny Tha Biz, Haq, Doug Woods and so many other newbie App Teachers Soar are what greedy apple are keeping an eye on as they TRY to STILL Gobble up even more of the pies with a total disregard to who helped 'em keep baking 'em. So IMO mate i'd say go the Youtube Route and we'll follow and keep trying to support you that way. Even though it won't be the same. Nothing stays the same does it? Nope & probably s'why Palm Sounds migrated to CDM a while back too. If like so many you just go quite Tim - 'it'd be a pity. Regardless what route you take - Good Luck Always and Thanks again for all you've done and will hopefully continue to do for the iOS App Community With Or Without "Greedy Ass Apple" (Yep I said it : For All,of us & "ALL SEEING APPLE SHAME ON YOU" LOL!
Bianca : Re: Music Making Android & Kindle Audio Engine just don't cut it hun. S'why Tim don't go that route
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Diverse The Female BeatMaker (Instagram…)
I visit Discchord almost every day. You are a very important news & info site for me. I Really don't want to see Discchord disappear. I too will sign up for your Patreon. Hopefully many others will too (looks like that is already happening). As this situation develops, let us know how we can help. Thanks for all of your hard work and all that you bring to us.
Is there a "developers association" or "developers union"? Some central body that represents developers?

If so, they need to lobby Apple to reverse this decision. They have 2 months to achieve that.

We all say "poor Tim" or "poor Doug" but Apple doesn't care about them. And you could argue that Apple has no responsiblity towards people like Tim or Doug.

But Apple DOES HAVE a responisibilty towards developers. They have a developers program and staff that deal with helping developers. Developers need to explain to these staff the damage that this policy will do to developers.

Saying that policy will hurt people like Tim and Doug will have no impact on Apple. But arguing that this policy will hurt developers is the only chance we have to get Apple to change their policy.
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Simon
Apple isn’t just a dick, it’s a sociopath by definition. It cracks me up when people see Apple as a movement, a belief system, a lifestyle, or a sainted man (Steve J). Think Different indeed. And more and more, it doesn’t Just Work. Unless you buy the dongle.
They can suck it.
You’re the best Tim. And I’ve got an amazing idea for an app (android if need be) PM me and it’s yours (I’ll only take 7%).
And here’s a link for a petition to flip the script back to right side up

Littlewoodg wrote "Apple isn’t just a dick, it’s a sociopath by definition."

Apple is just a company. And like all companies it wants to maximise profit for the shareholders. Fair enough. They don't know that Tim and Doug exist.

They see millions of dollars being "lost" through the affiliate program and want to plug the hole. Again, fair enough.

But what Apple doesn't realise is the damage that shutting down the affiliate program will do to developers who reply on people like Tim and Doug to promote their apps for free.

If anyone wants to fight this move by Apple then the position to take is not "Apple are greedy bad guys" or "we need to help guys like Tim and Doug" - that will get you nowhere. The only position that has a hope is "ending the affiliate program will hurt developers".

Presumably Apple wants to help developers, not hurt them.
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Simon
Also, Apples move says, "We know there's a community out there that is directed to us. Screw your community."

So another response is: "There is a vibrant community of developers, users, and dreamers who can stay vibrant because of the affiliate program. You can get rid of it, but it will damage your brand."
August 04, 2018  | favorite_border stub
The sociopath remark is based on research from a few decades back, people in the psych and sociology field had the clever idea of assessing corporation’s behavior using a personality inventory.

This based on the fact that although Apple and others are called “companies”, they are in fact legal entities called corporations. Corporations are proxy individuals that exist to indemnify the actual individuals (that shape the decision making of the “company”) from any responsibility for their decisions. That’s the point of incorporating.

The corporate entity is then free to behave in a way that most of us individual sociopaths could never get away with, let alone make trillions. There are of course a few exceptions, though I don’t believe Trump is as rich as he says he is...
This be one a my daily go to sites. Thank you fo all ya efforts ova the years Tim. Found some a my most prized apps thru disschord. I guess this be what happen when a trillion dollaz be sittin on the table an peeps start lookin toward findin the next trillion. :(
August 04, 2018  | person SupaJoint
I think Apple know exactly who is getting cut here. Sites like this and such is what they were encouraging with the implementation on the affiliate program in the first place. And I can imagine there are those in management who hate that so much is being paid out to app listing sites whom they see as in direct competition to their App Store. This seems to be clear from the wording of their statement. The rise of the listing sites was perhaps something Apple didn’t foresee, and which they have fought against with rewording the app requirements on the store to end those apps they saw as in competition with the store. In the end they are saying, “fuck it, let’s just cut them all off”, and are willing to sacrifice those affiliates who really do educate about what is available.

I have been buying apps though this site for a while now, and even linked through to buy apps that aren’t music related, because Tim you once mentioned that just the click through gave the affiliate bonus for a bit of time on the store. Now I will add you to the Patreon list of others I give a little bit to whom you also feature on your site. I don’t want to see the editorial of any of these folks diminished. And I surely want to know about the sales, which I am sure the App Store won’t email me about!
Littlewoodg wrote:
"Corporations are proxy individuals that exist to indemnify the actual individuals (that shape the decision making of the “company”) from any responsibility for their decisions. That’s the point of incorporating. "

Yes, true to an extent. But corporations have boards and even they are governed by laws. Company directors can go to jail if they break laws. Look at the trouble VW got into last year.

But I get your point about assessing a corporation’s behavior using a personality inventory. Kind of like the game "if you were a car what make of car would you be?".

First Apple removes the headphone jack and now this... urk! :-)
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Simon
This makes me hate corporations even a slight bit more. When your biz is worth a trillion it is time to give some back.

Once my ipad pro craps out, I’m probably done with ios. Too much bullshit from apple these past few years.

I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars on apps in the past 5 years or so. The vast majority of apps were bought because of this site. Without it I have no aggregate for news. I no longer use facebook (fuck that corp fiercely in the ass!) so I don’t get any input from there. Discchord and haq+soundtestroom+electronisounds are the only remaining sources now, and I don’t spot everything they release..

Fucking corporate greed.

Virtual and augmented reality is the realm of future music creation. If Apple gets a foothold here, I will be pissed. The next dominant platform needs to not be apple. They can’t be trusted.
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Gressklippermannen
How have they improved their search functions ?
Most apps I buy are due to websites like discchord highlighting them . Sometimes I type in the name of an app and the App Store doesn’t recognise it , that’s how helpful their app is .

I’m not sure they’re making enough profit to be fair , maybe next week they’ll swap the ratio to be 90:10 in their favour .. people should be paying to use Touch ID , pay per thumb ?
August 04, 2018  | person Re5etuk
This move by Apple is just another example of how they're playing the stock market game, rather than sustaining a quality business. Apple under Tim Cook has had a good outward face for ethics, but the business itself is a heartless money grab. Capitalism-obsessed people worship and admire Apple for their Wall Street valuation, but all the tactics to increase that Wall Street valuation take away from what sustains a company long term. The numbers are still going up but the developers and power users are being blown off left and right. That's the core. Once the fads die down, those are the people that will be needed to keep Apple going.

The pendulum will swing back. It always does. Once it starts to happen, all these decisions will reveal themselves as self-inflicted injuries.

Sorry you've been caught up in this, Tim. This is pathological capitalism. It's not a sustainable economy, and there's no room for trust... or individual human beings. It's all about the top 1% collecting as much of the planet's wealth as possible. The checks and balances have long since been hijacked by greed and corruption. I'd like to say that the only way to win is to not play the game, but there's no life at all for those who don't subject themselves to this sociopathic culture (any moment now, I'm expecting my disability income to be killed by the corporatist sociopaths in Trump's white house, and then I'll likely become homeless).

The American dream is a lie. It's propaganda perpetuated by those with the most privilege, who's income is dependent on everyone believing that "if I work hard enough", one day they too will ascend into the higher income bracket. But no, those with real power are paranoid about anyone else getting a piece of the pie because then that's less for themselves (listen to how people call taxation "theft"; utterly antisocial rhetoric). The system is not just sociopathic; it's psychotic. And yet, so many people defend it, because their entire lives are spent being acculturated to these ideals, and their own success is just right around the corner... any minute now... Pointing to people like you who are making a living on the "trickle down" from big monster corporations like Apple... who've just pulled the rug out from under your independent feet.
August 04, 2018  | person dysamoria
Thanks everyone! I've read through every single comment. Seriously, thank you all!

10 new Patrons in the last day is incredible, and many of them quite generous! I'm pretty good at expressing myself, but I'm struggling to do so in this case. It's one thing to support the site through things like buying apps with my links, but to directly and actively give me your hard earned money is something else all together. I'm staggered. I don't know how to say "thank you" in a way that matches your generosity.

There haven't been any new advertisers, which would be able to more quickly shore up the deficit. I hope developers are just taking some time to figure out their own finances. I know I've angered a few over the years, but hopefully there are enough developers who see the value in having discchord around.
not even the tin of your amerikkkan pie remains, your all fighting over a pseudo pie in the cloud? we are all enslaved to corporations... what kind of freedom does one really have?
August 04, 2018  | person_outline cb
Geez, this sucks so bad, Tim, Doug, Jakob and iOS music making in general are a big part of my daily life. Everyone involved in iOS music is hurt by Apple’s decision and there’s little that can be done. I guess all of the creative types from Apple are gone.

Good luck Tim in finding more revenue sources.
Oh, this sucks so much!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
It´s so absurd, that the "good people" are getting marginalized, while the shitty / insane people gain power and money.
It drives me crazy!

Ok, so how we could put Apple under pressure?
There must be a way!
August 04, 2018  | person_outline yesyesnono
That really sucks what Apple did!

Yet, it seems you were very smart and learned some great skills in keeping discchord running at peak efficiency. I really feel bad for those who were not as smart as you and just expected Apple to keep on paying pennies. It appears you gained some great skills in this process which you can offer to others -- and maybe even make more money?

I was considering selling most of my hardware and focusing on iOS as my music production environment... no I am re-considering.
August 04, 2018  | person_outline valdisk
I wonder how much money Apple will save by not doing app affiliates?

My guess it is hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Interesting to note that they are still doing affiliates for music, books, TV and movies. Wonder when they will discontinue that...?
August 04, 2018  | person_outline Simon
Gun, shoot, friend, foot, Apple.

This is bad news, sites like yours generate sales. I doubt I'd have bought most of my audio apps without this site and its reliance on the affiliate scheme.

So frustrating.
August 05, 2018  | person Charlie
I just signed up for Patreon and I encourage others to do it too. It only took a few minutes, you can pay with Paypal and pledge as much as you like.
August 05, 2018  | person_outline MK
On August 05, 2018 - @MK said:
I just signed up for Patreon and I encourage others to do it too. It only took a few minutes, you can pay with Paypal and pledge as much as you like.

Thank you very much, MK!
Can you leave this article up at the top of lage one every day until Apple changes back to the affiliate program or you have to abandon the site? I’d hate to see this article get buried deeper and deeper in the pages. It would be great if this info could go viral and a huge wave of negative publicity hit Apple and knocked it off of their tree.
August 05, 2018  | person Slam-Cut
To all Disschord readers:
Remember that it only takes 3% of a governments society to bring it down. We ARE probably roughly 3% of Apples user base. Think about it for a second! Post Tim’s article to your Facebook page. Make a YouTube video explaining to Newb’s what this is all about. Let’s make this news go viral! Tell people about it in conversation! Think about the methods of Peaceful protest, and which would be the most effective.
August 06, 2018  | person burnalot
burnalot wrote: "We ARE probably roughly 3% of Apples user base."

We ARE probably not.

How many customers do you think Apple has worldwide?

When they release a new iPhone they make about 50 million of them. I don't think the iOS music community would equal 3% of that. Not to mention all the iPad, Mac and watch users as well...
August 06, 2018  | person_outline Simon
On August 05, 2018 - @Slam-Cut said:
Can you leave this article up at the top of lage one every day until Apple changes back to the affiliate program or you have to abandon the site? I’d hate to see this article get buried deeper and deeper in the pages. It would be great if this info could go viral and a huge wave of negative publicity hit Apple and knocked it off of their tree.

This is an interesting idea, and I've given it some thought. I think it would be too depressing. If these are the last few months of discchord, I don't want the tone of every single day to be clouded by this. People don't come to discchord to hear about my problems, they come for interesting app content. Over the last 7 years I've had my share of woes, but I've never let any of those bleed through into the daily news cycle. This includes 3 mornings I spent in an E.R. (twice for my husband, once for me) but you wouldn't know it by looking here because I kept the news coming. One day I posted the news immediately before going in for minor surgery, but it was a Thursday so the news was definitely going to go up.

We've all got problems, and I think I'd just drag down the tone of the site if I shared all of mine. It could be argued that this problem is greater than me; as it will affect everyone that enjoys the site, if the site goes away. Perhaps I'll become desperate enough to buy that argument in the coming weeks.
Shut up everybody and become a Tim's patron!
(I just did).

Sort of advise: maybe you should do all Let's Play videos patron-only?
(Or special extended versions for patrons, like thesoundtestroom did)

I'm having 3 iPads, only for music creating and related stuff.
(2 of them are very old).

Not sure about Putin's Private army and that that awful killings linked with that, but maybe I should consult with my friend, he was writing for Putin in the past.

Greetings from Moscow
August 06, 2018  | favorite_border eVr
Compromise on a link to the article at the very top...?

If the major iOS music app bloggers go down, it will become really hard for people to discover new apps in the future and for new iOS musicians to discover any app but GB. It could take many years for the pendulum to swing the other way and a new model be created.

One idea for a new model would be that the percentage of an affiliate’s sale come from the developers percentage. Devs are often extremely under paid, but they can raise their prices. It is time for that anyway. The iOS music making community/market has matured enough for that to start hapenning.

Please keep us posted.
August 06, 2018  | person Slam-Cut
On August 06, 2018 - @eVr said:
Shut up everybody and become a Tim's patron!
(I just did).
Sort of advise: maybe you should do all Let's Play videos patron-only?
(Or special extended versions for patrons, like thesoundtestroom did)

Thank you very much for that, eVr! I want to keep Let's Plays free, so that people who cannot afford it can still have access to them. Gating content behind a pay-wall is just something I'm not comfortable with.
Damn, sorry to hear about that Tim. I thought your site was really genuinely good and useful. I didn't even know about the affiliate program until reading this post. It could be that a lot of other devs don't either, as the AppStore reporting really doesn't give you much info at all particularly with low volumes there seems to be a cut off where it just tells you nothing about how your views got there. Whatever they've supposedly improved in the AppStore, I'm not seeing an uplift, so I'm just getting even less for their 30% cut than I used to. I did see an uplift when you featured my app for a weekend though, so thanks for that! This is really a hobby for me as the numbers just aren't there but I could have seen it getting better thanks to sites like yours.

So I really hope Apple reverse that decision or you can figure out a way to keep the site going regardless!
On August 08, 2018 - @Guitar Rabbit said:
Damn, sorry to hear about that Tim. I thought your site was really genuinely good and useful. I didn't even know about the affiliate program until reading this post. It could be that a lot of other devs don't either, as the AppStore reporting really doesn't give you much info at all particularly with low volumes there seems to be a cut off where it just tells you nothing about how your views got there.
I've had some developers say that they see more sales from discchord than anywhere else, though I'm not sure how they knew that. So I did some digging in iTunes Connect! There are metrics, but they're nested under several menus. Check App Analytics > Sources > Web Referrers ... and if you haven't sold enough it gives you a weird error:

Due to data privacy concerns, items with fewer than 5 lifetime App Units have been excluded from this list.

I don't know why I'm seeing that, or what 5 lifetime App Units means. I've sold more than 5 copies of my api_hack app, and I'm pretty sure discchord.com accounted for some of them.
What a totally dicked deal! I have fully relied on this site, Palm Sounds’ Ashly E, Jakob Haq and the Audiobus forum to bring me to this high mark in iOS music making history! Without your app-finding know-how I’d still be jamming out with ikaossolator and sunrizer. Trying to piece together my concoction of shizz using FIGURE? Hell no! In the last few years the developers BLEW UP with incredible innovations and we can do so much with our iPads - I pretty much ALWAYS have mine with me because of all these mind blowing apps and I can’t even imagine how pissed I’d be if it got stolen. I’m eternally grateful for ALL the demos that I watched made by Doug and Jakob that were so informative and helpful.

Really hope you keep on doing this and Apple really plays dirty by ending affiliate payments. Real shit move if you ask me.
September 12, 2018  | person_outline Dixon

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