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AudioLayer by VirSyn

Yesterday VirSyn released AudioLayer, a sophisticated sampler! They promise it will perform extremely efficiently with their Streaming Sample Engine (SSE), even when you load up multiple instances of AudioLayer inside of an AUv3 host. They provide all of this with multi-sampling, for richly complex sounds you design through zones and layers.

AudioLayer can be loaded as an Instrument or an Effect in both Audio Units and Audiobus.

AudioLayer iTunes Description:

AudioLayer satisfies the most sought after gap for contemporary music production on iOS devices. AudioLayer is a full featured open standard audio multi-sampler pushing the boundaries beyond what has been available even in the desktop music production worlds. And all this integrated in all relevant iOS production environments especially the emerging AUv3 AudioUnit standard.

- SSE - Streaming Sample Engine -
The ultra efficient Streaming Sample Engine SSE is capable of playing hundreds of voices of big multi-sampled instruments even in strictly resource limited applications like using multiple instances of AudioLayer in AudioUnit host environments. Innovative features like Sub Sample Looping for perfect loops even in the audible range extend the range of applications even further.

- Perfect iCloud integration* -
The consequent usage of the open file structure of the Files app makes organising even large sample libraries a breeze. Sample recordings and Instrument designs made with AudioLayer are seamlessly available across all your devices and desktop. Even more this opens up new forms of collaborations with musicians all around the world to share your creations and work together.

- Multi Scope Editing -
To support the creation of complex multi-sampled instruments AudioLayer allows you to use a hierarchical structure of Layers and Zones each with it’s own sound manipulation parameters. A unique element of AudioLayer is the possibility to decide for each Zone at which Scope level your editing apply: For the all Zones in the Instrument, for the Layer only or individually for this Zone only. This opens a whole new world of creative options for sound mangling. For sound manipulation you can use a full set of Filters, Envelopes and LFOs to shape the pitch, timbre and level of the sound of each Zone.
SIS - Seamless Instrument Switching
The unique architecture of the Streaming Sample Engine allows for instant loading of even complex instruments and makes this switching from one Instrument to the next without cutting off the sound! And this includes of course also different effect setting

- Easy Design Workflow -
The built in audio sample recorder let you create Instruments on the fly in seconds. The Music Effect AudioUnit / Audiobus effect plugin of AudioLayer let you record multi-samples semi automatically directly inside your preferred host and instantly create an Instrument with the help of several Auto mapping options available. This includes file name based mapping of key ranges and velocities and automatic pitch detection. For the creatives we’ve also integrated a special “Single Cycle Waveform” detector making the use of this special files a breeze.

*App works also without iCloud, but less convenient.


• Stand-alone App
• AUv3 AudioUnit Instrument and Music Effect
• Inter App Audio
• Audiobus 3 Input/Effect with state saving support.
• Audio recorder with share function.
• Ableton Link compatible.

Doug from thesoundtestroom has already released a demo of the new app!

Reader Comments 2

This was a VERY smart move by VirSyn.

This was HIGH on my list of "Apps that should exist in iOS but don't."

The bonus is that they added two concepts that were cleverly implemented in the Ensoniq EPS samplers, back in the late 80s. First, the simplicity of addressing Pitch, Amp, and Filter as your basic parameters. Secondly, to apply changes at the zone (sample), layer, or instrument level. That set up is so elegant and logical.

Looks like it'll run on 32-bit devices (cheers, VirSyn!!!)

And it's great that they made it have both audiobus and AUv3 compatibility.

I would have loved to have seen VirSyn's approach to a mod matrix, but that would be asking a lot. What we have here is the missing link.

This is huge.
August 03, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Just did an initial "walk through" of basic functions. Here are some quick pros & cons.

The overall GUI is intuitive and space efficient.

Access to samples on iCloud was easy even in 10.3.3 / 32-bit. I don't know how it will work, but there can be shared access to files on iCloud.

Sample editor is non-destructive (for truncate) and has a bare-bones crossfade loop.

Effects are decent, and can be reordered. There's a "COMMON" effect unit, which seems to act like a global on/off, wet/dry, and level for all the effects. That's kind of useful.


Modulation is not very full featured, no mod matrix.

Envelopes are straight vector ADSR, with no additional break points. Simple, but limited.

No formats for import, so you can't import soundfonts, or EXS24 or S1000 types of file imports. It's understandable, but building libraries from scratch is time-consuming. Perhaps there'll be a path via the desktop version.

There's no vertical zooming in the zone editor, so if you want tight velocity ranges, they might be difficult to select.

On-screen keyboard doesn't do velocity in any way. Vertical tap position for velocity would be helpful for editing.

On-screen keyboard range is changed in steps, not draggable. Which is not very intuitive.

There are lots of typos and mistakes in the "Comic Sans" contextual help.

This really does close a big gap in iOS music making. This doesn't appear to be a multi-timbral instrument, so if you want to run on multiple MIDI channels, those will have to be separate AU3 instances-- which will give you some more flexibility with effects. App needs a little more tightening in the next update.
August 05, 2018  | favorite_border stub

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