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Patterning 2 by Olympia Noise Co.

Olympia Noise Co. released Patterning 2! This has been hotly anticipated for months, and with good reason! The original Patterning has been a staple in the community since its release 3 years ago. Patterning 2 offers a lot of new features; like automation, probability, and randomization. These can make your drum patterns infinitely more dynamic! I had a lot of fun with all 3 of these in my Let's Play.

Patterning 2 iTunes Description:


Patterning 2 is the next generation of the award-winning circular drum machine. Create beats like never before in a beautiful, intuitive interface that is both easy to use and brimming with features for the experienced producer.

Make dynamic drum patterns with the swipe of a finger. Quickly record rhythms and parameter automation. Use Patterning’s independent loop settings to explore rhythmic possibilities impossible to achieve in traditional sequencers. Automate and randomize parameters to create intricate & complex beats. Arrange patterns on the timeline to construct songs. Use the built-in effects to add atmosphere, shimmer and noise. Export patterns directly to Ableton Live or connect to other instruments with MIDI. Download hundreds of free factory and user-created drum kits for use in your own songs.

Patterning was named Runner-Up : App of the Year (iPad) in 2015.

Some of what’s new in Patterning 2 :

• Record Beats with the New Drum Pads
• Drum Kit Switching
• Randomize (Almost) Everything
• Next Generation Ratcheting
• Automation Recording
• Coarse Tune & MIDI Note Quantization
• Quantized Pattern Launch
• Sample Folders
• Loop Rotate
• Pattern Tempo Changes
• Divide Mode Measure Length
• New Automation Layers : Randomization, Ratcheting, MIDI CCs, and more.
• Ableton Link Start/Stop
• MIDI Learn Recording
• MIDI Drum Triggering
• MIDI Only Tracks
• Unlimited MIDI CC Outputs
• MIDI Gate Length Automation
• Under the Hood Performance Improvements
• Workflow Enhancements
• And more…

For a full list of new and existing features, visit www.olympianoiseco.com/apps/patterning-2/

Here is a new video from Olympia Noise Co. showing off the randomization and automation features.

Reader Comments 8

Just a heads up, this is not 32-bit compatible, so no-go on 4th gen iPad.

Looks brilliant though.
Though I can't hit play, I was able to poke around with the GUI of the version I have (a beta version of some kind). The thing they did with measure length is even better than what I requested. We can choose a time-signature for the measure length (both numerator and denominator). That is a significant degree of added flexibility. I was at least hoping for integer numbers of beats, but this is even better!!

Setting tempo per pattern or at song level is also very cool. This is a fantastic update. Looking forward to getting my 64-bit iPad some time soon.
I'll be curious to learn what kinds of capabilities there are for generating melodies, tying steps together, and in particular, creating bass lines.
Is this a free update to the old version? Or is it a separate new purchase?
July 28, 2018  | person synfiniti
It's a separate new purchase. I looked to see if they offered any "bundle" pricing, and couldn't see any.

It seems like the old version would now kind of act like an intro/entry-level version, and the version 2 could be seen as a "pro" version. To me, it does seem that having the 2nd version makes the first version obsolete, but I may be wrong about that.
The lack of AUv3 is a real disappointment at this point. Oh well.
July 29, 2018  | person BruteFours
I've been tinkering with the GUI on my 32-bit app, but I can't hit play.

Their choice of using traditional time signatures allows them to relate to the note values they provide in the GUI. However, if they follow the "traditions" that go with the Time-Signatures, it will get messy.

I wish modern sequencer programs would just do away with traditional note values and time-signatures (this from an ardent theory buff). It causes more problems than it solves.

We just need these features:
1. Define the tempo as the rate of beats.
2. Define the measure length as some number of beats.
2a If fractional values are possible, then allow the user to enter this number as an improper fraction. e.g., 4/1= 4 beats 3/2 = 1.5 beats, 5/3 = 1 and 2/3 beats, etc.
3. If necessary, set up a relationship for steps per beat. If the app is flexible, as in the case of Patterning 2, then this could set up a default division.

I don't envy the developers. These are tricky problems to solve. And once you start using traditional symbols and terms, you are pretty limited-- or you'll just end up having it be "wrong" most of the time. Which can be annoying.

For example, if you start a Patterning 2 file and set it to be in 6/8, will P2 assume you mean for a dotted-quarter note be one beat (so will dotted quarters correspond with your Tempo BPM)? Then, if you start using 16ths in the rest of the UI, will they be treated as 16th triplets? or regular sixteenths in relation to the dotted quarter beat? I'll be impressed if they did it right, but even then, it's messy and limiting.
The only issue I had was trying to use Ableton Link. I had it set up through studiomux playing into Ableton Live 9 and even after Link was obviously engaged it wouldn’t adjust tempo wise either from P2 or Ableton so there must be a bug somewhere. Other then that I have been having enormous fun with the randomisation parameters and there are so many that are available. It really is a brand new app.
July 30, 2018  | person That guy

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