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TheAudioDabbler: Getting the XY Pads Back in Turnado as AU

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler points out a key flaw in Sugar Byte's recent AU-only update to Turnado. The X/Y controllers are not displayed in Turnado when run as an AU. Since it can only be run as an AU now, that means you're kind of fucked. Here he walks through the process of recreating the X/Y controllers using Rozeta!

Video Description:

In this video, I go over how to map Rozeta XY to Turnado in order to get the XY pads back since they are not present in the AU version of the App.

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I guess that's the 2nd reason I didn't update Turnado. I'm gonna trash it. I've never liked it and only tried it a couple times. I've never found the knob to start from zero very smoothly. Always seems to kind of abruptly come on.
Turnado does have external audio in stand alone where the x/y pads still exist. This is essentially a DJ performance effects app so I think it is designed to run audio through it and manipulate it as you go. It is now just a bit more complicated if the audio is coming from within the device. I like the quantity and extremeness of effects in Turnado and AUv3 will probably make it more stable, but it is not really a production effects app, so one instance will usually be all that is necessary.
In situations like this Im kinda glad Im a few years behind on iPad hardware/Software.

I use Turnado every day. It is totally invaluable to me, used two instances (on two iPad4s and AD Odio modules) in a live modular set a few months ago and I would be totally LOST without the pads. Really bad decision IMHO - when I buy a new iPad imna try use my current version of Turnado and not the new, hamstrung version.

Years ago I did a template for Liines Lemur app for the desktop version - might be of use to someone? (dont feel comfortable posting a link but search the Liine User Area for Turnado Sugarbytes by Dave O Mahony)

(And it snaps back to zero on each pad release)
July 20, 2018  | person_outline mckenic

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