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VGSG's XL Pack for iOS (BS-16i) - Overview

VGSoundtrackGuy has released an XL pack of sounds for use in bs-16i. Many of you balked at the $10 price for VGSG's Crystal Rhodes, which is $2 more than bs-16i itself. You're going to love this one at $20!

I think this is one of those situations where Christian musicians exploit other Christians. The price on anything with the word "Gospel" in it seems to be 4 times more than what you'd expect to pay. I've seen it in a lot of apps for Gospel specific backing tracks that are way overpriced. As an amateur theologian I'm pretty sure Jesus had more to say about being charitable, than hating women and gays.

Also, your website sucks. Stop spamming me on Twitter.

Video Description:


Software synthesizer apps on iOS have changed and evolved drastically with each new iOS revision. We've seen soft synth iOS apps use FLAC lossless samples with sounds that have up to 24 velocity layers without the iDevice breaking a sweat!

So now, we are getting serious about iOS software synthesizers sounds.

We introduce to you for the first time ever, Desktop quality sounds, in terms of velocity layers, on your iPhone and iPad via BS-16i!

This is VGSG's XL Pack for iOS!

This SF2 Soundfont pack includes MKS-20 sounds from VGSG's Gospel Essentials, EX5 Rhodes and more!

- 12 Velocity Layers for all Sounds
- MKS Sounds, EX5 Rhodes, DX7 & An All New Dyno
- Real Rhodes Release Samples & Bell Tines


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Tim, the wrath of you know who may be coming down upon you...

From His Twitter...

“”Thanks so much to the people who have already emailed and texted us showing us support. “Discchords” comments were appalling and a direct attack towards Christianity and the Gospel. We are filing a DMCA report to get their hateful article removed.””

Direct attack? Wow, really?

And yeah his website sucks.
LOL! I look forward to that. The only other DMCA request I've gotten was for when I posted Synthrotek's melt-down video. I thought about fighting that one.

I can't wait to read how saying Jesus was charitable is a, "direct attack towards Christianity."

Thanks for posting it here. He blocked me on Twitter. Guess that solves my spam problem.
This kind of goes to that question of how many licenses they expect to sell, and how much time they put in.

If they set up a bunch of mics and rented a hall and recorded an acoustic instrument and spent 100s of hours editing, well fine. $20 is a fair price. But sampling a synth, where you can automate much of the editing, isn't that difficult.

12 velocity layers for this kind of thing is way over-kill-- and a HUGE waste of space.
Your comments were not "a direct attack towards Christianity and the Gospel".

Just a direct attack on software companies that over charge.

In fact you gave Jesus some good PR, portraying him as a lover not a hater.
July 13, 2018  | person_outline Simon

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