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Let's Play with 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer

This week I explored the new 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer from BEATS N BOBS. Developer Rob Wilmot, the titular Bob of BEATS N BOBS, has been doing apps for quite a long time without finding much love from the community. He poured himself into this one to change that, so Let's Play with it to see what he came up with!

Video Description:

2XB303 does what it says on the tin, with 2 TB-303 clones in a single app, complete with sequencers and effects. Let's Play with it!

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Reader Comments 4

I’m not into the acid sound much but Tim you had a cool sound going and, showed what a fun little app this is. The dev has done a good job it seems. I’m glad you helped him out on this.
@Toz Bourne: Thanks! God it is a relief to hear that. Every time I do anything with a 303 I worry that I'm going to scare everyone away!
I could not get any midi from that 303 app. The interface to set it up is a bit different, so it could be me. I tried using MidiFire and set up a monitor and no matter what I did, no midi came into midifire from that app. Does anyone know how to get the midi out to work? I want to find a use for the app.
Have fun, everyone.
July 14, 2018  | person_outline perry pelican
@perry: I just confirmed that. I'm not seeing anything in MidiFire either, and in real-world tests I can't get it to talk to other apps. It takes a MIDI clock from Patterning 2 just fine, but that seems to be the limit of the MIDI implementation. I sent an email to Rob to see what he says.

Update: Oops. Rob got back to me, and this might have been user error on my part. On the MIDI settings thing there is a "THRU/OUT" button on the right. You need to hit that before it will send anything out. As soon as I hit that I got it to sync other apps fine. It seems to only be sending MIDI Clock though. No notes were showing up in MidiFire.

Update 2: Rob confirms that MIDI Notes are not sent, but he was intrigued by the idea.

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