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Lydian MindHarp by Lydianstream Ltd

Lydianstream Ltd released Lydian MindHarp, a new music app designed for people living with dementia. It seems to be loop-based, with a simplified interface to layer the loops harmoniously.

This seems like a great idea, until you see the price tag. At $100 I have to wonder if that price is in any way justified, or merely a cynical cash grab aimed at dementia care facilities.

Lydian MindHarp iTunes Description:

The MindHarp, requires no musical technique, background or prior skill. It is completely accessible to all. It is played via a simple interface on an Apple iPAD and can be used anywhere. The player simply touches coloured and numbered pads which trigger very carefully designed and harmonised musical sounds.

From the outset, the player can be creating beautiful and beguiling soundscapes, melodies and harmonies. It invites people to explore, enjoy and actively engage with music without inhibition.

As it is convenient and does not rely on external (or visiting) facilitators, the MindHarp can become an everyday part of providing high quality support and care.

For use individually, in pairs or small groups, it is ideal for use either at home or at care homes or centres.

Following months of development directly with people living with dementia, the creators have developed a fully supported system. With many ideas and tips available, the MindHarp can be integrated into other activities as well as being played for its own sake.

It provides an activity that not only enhances mood and social interaction, but also gives back a sense of autonomy to the player and can build self-esteem and confidence.

Reader Comments 2

The $100 mindharp app is interesting. The price seems high but I suppose everyone deserves to make money if they create something useful. That app be will unlikely to have millions of downloads so charging a lot is the only way. Besides it is only a lot relative to other IOS apps. If I had a family member or friend who would benefit from it, I suppose i would just buy it. I would investigate it further first.
It *is* an interesting concept, but $100 for someone on a fixed income is a lot of money. Think car payment amount of money for most folks. If these people are getting positive results with dementia patients they should be preparing a journal article in a peer-reviewed journal and submitting this for FDA approval. I’d pass

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