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haQ attaQ: Which iOS Granular Synthesizer should you buy?

Jakob Haq compares the new SpaceCraft and tardigrain apps with the reigning Granular Synth champ, Borderlands. There are more Granular options on iOS, and more on the way, but these are his favorites!

Video Description:

There's a lot of great Granular synthesizers for iOS on the AppStore and it can be hard to choose which one to buy. I've received a decent amount of questions about this over the years and lately the apps asked about have been Tardigrain vs Borderlands Granular. With the release of SpaceCraft granular the same type of questions popped up, SpaceCraft vs Tardigrain etc. Now there are more really good granular synths available other than these three, but so far ( yeah so far because i might have to do a new comparison once Quanta by Audio Damage comes out ) these three are my absolute favorite ones. They all have strengths and they all have weaknesses. So which one should you get? Check out my breakdown and comparison and find out!

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TL;DW.... I just purchased SpaceCraft (to complete the trifecta) and boy am I glad I did!!!
On July 09, 2018 - @Tony said:
TL;DW.... I just purchased SpaceCraft (to complete the trifecta) and boy am I glad I did!!!

Yes! Have fun with it! :)
I believe. SpaceCraft wuold be great with AbletonLink and a little better AU implementation but it is still awesome!
July 10, 2018  | person That guy
Soup Granular and MegaCurtisBig ought to go on a list somewhere. Both are written after and influenced by Curtis Roads, who’s the original granular synthesis guy in the same way John Chowning is the FM guy and Bob Moog is the Moog guy, etc. ...

I’m not recommending either of those apps .... whether or not anyone finds them helpful or useful, is a personal choice. Just pointing out that knowing some history about where granular synthesis comes from, which is part of what those two apps offer, can open many doors that otherwise are shut and hidden by the the newer generation of “just released” and “leading the pack,” etc ...

For the really obsessive, Curtis Roads wrote a book called Microsound (about granular synthesis).
July 12, 2018  | person Printer1

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