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Indiegogo: ScratchVox

Longtime readers of the site will remember ScratchVox, which offered a unique way of sequencing notes on an X/Y grid. It arrived for free, without IAPs, and had some good features like Inter-App Audio. They're planning on releasing a new, completely redesigned version, and are seeking funding on Indiegogo.

I have personal misgivings about crowdfunding in general, and crowdfunding for apps in specific. But these guys are Canadian, so they get the benefit of the doubt and probably won't run off with the money! According to the Indiegogo page you can effectively pre-order a copy for $15, which is 50% off the final retail price.

This looks like a lot of fun, so I hope they reach their modest $5,000 goal. You can see it in action for yourself here. There are also a series of tutorial videos available on the official ScratchVox YouTube channel.

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The concept is sound. (ooo. that's a good tag line!) It is also very exciting to see that they are looking at all the potential for development, including: interoperability, integration with other sound engines via their API, export to MIDI capability, expanding their synthesis engine.

There are some other features I'm hoping to see in their next-big-thing:

1. Set any length of project- perhaps that's what their indiegogo site refers to as "A Full Timeline"

2. You almost know what I'll say next: 1-16 beats per bar, 1-16 divisions per beat-- just for grid markings

3. Easy gestures to zoom and scroll.

4. Add several other lanes besides pitch & volume; one for filter cut-off, one for wave-shape, one for misc (like FX depth).

5. Add an audio to scratch function to bring in a monophonic audio track and convert it.

This IS an unique concept with lots of potential to make new sounds and musical shapes. It does deserve the quality of attention they appear to be giving it.

I just went over and donated $5.
Demo vids gave me a headache.
Inter-app Audio??? OMG OMG.... Welcome to 2013.
July 06, 2018  | person Resonator
After seeing this here and on the AB forum I reloaded the original version onto my device, and it seems the 2014 version is the one used in the YouTube demos. I’m curious to see how the free app could change enough to justify a $15-$30 price.
Why is $ 5,000 needed? Seems like they can not program an app themselves!
Which means the app will be programmed by order from a studio, which means it will rarely show updates. If no professional programs the app, there will be a lot of bugs on board. I would not pay 15-35€ for it (in Germany a 8$ app, can costs 11€!)!
July 07, 2018  | person Morphzeus
Hey everyone – thanks for the feedback. Scott Barkley here – CEO of ScratchVox. Our goal with the crowdfunding is to hire a couple of programmers to work with my lead programmer and CTO. If we're successful we'll be able to turn our prototype into a full-feature app that – yeah - won't be using inter-app audio :). AUv3 will connect us as an optimally expressive front-end input to lots of devices/apps. Thanks!
July 08, 2018  | touch_app ScottB
I have scratchvox that I downloaded quite awhile ago. It works. What are the plans for it? What Are you raising money for exactly? Is it to rebuild the app or what. It works and has potential for sure but what do you want to do to it? You have had a lot of time since it came out. Why did you stop working on it? Why is it no longer available on the App Store. Why is it impossible to contact the developer, at least I have not found a way? How many developers does one need to create an app like that? Some of the best IOS music making apps were developed by a single developer. Too many cooks often end up costing much too much for nothing. I have many questions to ask before throwing money at a project like that. How much money is the owner putting into the project? What is the incentive for the project to be successful. I mean what does the person raising the money have to lose if it fails?

Perry in Montreal
July 09, 2018  | person_outline perry pelican
Hey Perry. FYI – we're a couple of musician/techies in Toronto working on this in our spare time and are about as lean a team as it can get. We put our prototype in the App Store without any fanfare to get some feedback. It really was a toy – a proof-of-concept really. Since then we've been chipping away, adding Link for example. We've put in about $70k of our own $$$. So yeah .... we have plenty of incentive to be successful :) We also tried to getting some funding from Canadian investors who liked but aren't in the space and said come back with numbers .... hence the crowdfunding. We're hoping that folk like you who are in the space will get it and help us make a real, fully functioning app. There's a good description of our goals on the IndieGoGo page. Thanks for the input!
July 09, 2018  | touch_app ScottB

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