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Tuning iVCS3's Dynamic Keyboard

James Edward Cosby shared a tip on how to tune the Dynamic Keyboard on iVCS3 using the patch matrix.

Video Description:

Hi, this is a short tutorial to demonstrate how to tune #iVCS3 and also a hardware #VCS3's Dynamic Keyboard patched via matrix row 8.
The method uses Osc1, Osc2 and the DK's zero volt Centre F# with the next octave's F# as a reference.

Patch Osc1's Sine wave and Osc2's Triangle wave to the outputs and turn them up so both can be distinctly heard in the middle audible range. (For A=440 set the Oscillators to F#)

Now using Osc1's audible frequency as a reference, tune Osc2 to 1 octave above Osc1 as close as possible.

Now patch the DK to modulate Osc1's Frequency with a pin at i8 and while holding the F# 1 octave above the centre F#, turn the Input 1 Level Knob until both Oscillators are in "perfect" tune (no fringe beats).

The DK should now be "Tuned" so now remove both Osc's waves' outputs and patch Osc2's Frequency with a pin at j8 and patch the wave outputs into the envelope, not forgetting to patch the envelope to the outputs. Both oscillators can now be "played" with equal temperament.


If on the hardware your pins are inconsistent you can use the fact that the DK1 has dual Keyboard Voltage Outputs! So patch Osc1 via row 8 and Osc2 via row 9 then set each Input Level Knob separately.

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