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Streemur by Casey I.T. LLC

Casey I.T. LLC released Streemur today as a way for people to incorporate online streaming radio stations into AUv3 or IAA hosts. It starts you off with 40 randomized streams to choose from. It might seem odd to throw random ass music into your own music making, but people spend hundreds of dollars to do this same thing in modular synths! It's just another way to get creative explore spontaneous music making.

Streemur iTunes Description:

A streaming sound palette for experimental musicians, sound designers and artists.

Includes over 40 preset randomized Internet audio streams.

Add IAA and AUv3 effects to streams in supported DAWs ( Digital Audio Workstations ) such as GarageBand, AUM, Audioshare, Cubasis, and AuriaPro.

Add up to 5 of your own user presets.

*** Note: If using Streemur as an IAA node, be sure to start your IAA host first!

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom was on this one immediately!

Reader Comments 7

Sounds weird to say it... but this is EXACTLY the apps I have been looking for in recent weeks!
This is showing up for me in AUM, but it is not showing up as an input or source option in Audiobus 3 or Auria. I wanted to use it with Audiobus as a IAA but nope.
June 09, 2018  | person_outline claude
@claude: Did you start Audiobus first? The iTunes notes say to start the host before Streemur. Perhaps you can try closing out both apps and restarting. IAA can be wonky.
Works great with dervoco :)
Thanks Tim, that was the first thing I tried. Still not showing up. I’m enjoying this app already as random workout music, so I recommend it. Is it showing up for Audiobus 3 for you? Or is it me...
June 09, 2018  | person_outline claude
Anybody know some streams that have old advertisements, propaganda, crazy preachers, or any really high energy insanity preferably english ??
June 09, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Ian just press random buttons you will discover some high energy insanity & crazy preachers real fast. I worked out this morning to all sorts of random world music, it was awesome. I wish i had recorded some of it. I love this app already. Every music app should include a randomizer function.
June 09, 2018  | person_outline claude

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