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WWDC 2018: Moar liek YAWN 2018, amirite?

Yesterday's WWDC was the first one I missed the live stream for since I began discchord! I was distracted by my own development. I wanted to finally make the search bar in the menu actually search when you click "search" from the iOS keyboard. So it does that now.

Nothing to See Here

Apple didn't have anything new to show, so here is a picture of a ridiculously cute kitten. I'm looking at that and I'm like, "How are you so tiny, kitten?" It seems physically impossible for some reason. Like a little ambulatory fluff ball.

Goddamn that is just so adorable.

Seriously. Nothing.

Instead of showing pictures of kittens, Apple wasted a lot of people's time with more nonsensical animated emojis. The only people who can use these are iPhone X users, and the only people that would want to are kids. So some very rich kids are probably happy with this year's WWDC, but if you wanted any new devices or functionality you're out of luck.

Apple were so pressed to fill time that they spent 10 minutes on Augmented Reality Legos. Seriously.

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Damn. You’re right. That is a cute kitty!
June 05, 2018  | person_outline Wes
I just lost, I don’t know how many minutes, watching that kitten.
June 05, 2018  | person Bubowski
I don't want to disparage Peter, but I think my coverage is vastly superior. I invite others to check it out and decide for themselves. The first paragraph is good news:

On both iPad and iPhone, Apple is promising big performance optimizations. They’ve made it sound like they’re particularly targeting older devices, which should come as welcome news to users finding their iThings feel sluggish with age. (iPhone 5s and iPad Air onwards get the update.)

The rest is meh and cannot compete with this kitten or my apathy.
More cats!!!!!!!
June 05, 2018  | person_outline Ian
I don't know--I get an uncomfortable feeling about that little kitten. Reminds me of the bunny in Monty Python and the Holy Grail...
June 05, 2018  | person_outline Tom
Now you just need to add tags to supplement your shiny new search fix.

And WWDC always confuses me, since that’s also the name of a Washington, DC, radio station.
June 05, 2018  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut
Yeah the kittens great. To bad they have to grow up lol. So what meeting is it where they usually announce the new iPads?
Does the kitty have MIDI in/out?
It does have a great fuzz effect.
June 06, 2018  | person_outline Tom
Don't forget it is a developer's conference, not really designed for users.

The real test will be seeing how developers react to the various new things Apple is secretly introducing them to this week.
June 06, 2018  | person_outline Simon
I applaud your sincerity and fearlessness, in standing up to the big kat. Emoji enterprise that Apple is apparently seeking to become!
June 16, 2018  | person_outline Sarmad

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