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ROLI: Colours Of India by KM Music Conservatory

Developer ROLI has released a new Carnatic soundpack for Noise from A. R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. This arrives with a demo performance by Mahesh Raghvan.

Embedded here is an introduction to the soundpack from the men who made it.

Video Description:

Download the new Colours Of India soundpack today! Add authentic Indian colour to your tracks with realistic instruments from A. R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. Weave wondrous melodies and rhythms using timeless sounds from one of the world's great musical civilizations.

Get Equator: https://roli.com/products/software/eq...
Explore BLOCKS: https://roli.com/products/blocks/

For the first time ever, traditional instruments such as the veena, nadaswaram, bansuri flute, and tabla drums will be available as digital samples in NOISE as an in-app purchase. Four of the sounds are now also included free in Equator.

“I wanted to share these sounds through ROLI’s sound library because it will inspire new music,” said A.R. Rahman. “I hope this soundpack inspires everyone to make great music and also introduces you to the magic of India.”

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Wait, I thought the Germans made ROLI. Shouldn’t they be the greatest of all time? Ableton too. Sure beats playing some crummy old glasses f\ull of water. Reminds me to get back to Steinberg!
May 30, 2018  | person_outline Flighty1
Roli are UK based. Was that an attempt to be racist? It was a bit confusing.

Oh... I see. Hi Zyklon. Please go away again.
Raghvan’s demo is quite inspiring. The one in the Noise app, less so.

Noticed the addition of the Equator soundpack, this afternoon. On the feature requests forum, some people had been asking for more Equator soundpack, so the timing is pretty good. Sounds to me like something has changed at ROLI, allowing them to move more quickly on a few user-facing things.

The Colours of India pack is 400MB for those four instruments (veena, nadaswaram, jaltarang, and bansuri with a separate sound font for attack). Most of it is for the veena (and the folder containing those 216 sound files is called “Veena HiFi”).
Guessing the iOS version isn’t as big. (Of course, the drum kits aren’t available in Equator since they use a different sound engine.)

To me as a sax player, the nadaswaram and bansuri sounds are the most useful. It’s rather difficult to get high quality woodwind sounds through pure synthesis and these soundfonts are quite good. One might wish for more articulations, à la SWAM Engine (Audio Modelling). But the ROLI approach is more about relying on the different dimensions of touch (and they mostly use the y-axis for their SWAM Engine soundpacks in Noise).

Something which is useful to know is that it’s technically possible to add new soundfonts to Equator. The procedure isn’t that simple, which is why they took it out of the manual. But they’re apparently trying to make it easier to use. Custom soundfonts could bring a lot to Equator.

Apart from that, it’s really interesting to hear ROLI trying to grasp something of diverse musical traditions with a respectful attitude. Recently wrote an academic paper on sound appropriation and digital musicking (to be published next year). This could have been an interesting case.

We see a lot of interesting people playing interesting instruments but don’t get to hear any of it?
June 02, 2018  | person_outline El Jeffe
Well, I redownloaded Noise. But then I see why I deleted it, if I go by the poor reviews in the UK App store. I would like to explore these sounds, but at £6.99 it’s a bit of a shot in the dark! I miss having a ROLI, but I had to sell mine some time back, as it wasn’t being used enough, and bills needed paying. But worth investing time in, and much more so than Blocks it would seem. 🤔
June 16, 2018  | person_outline Sarmad

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