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GDPR Compliance & Privacy Policy Update

By now you've all received dozens of emails from companies alerting you to their GDPR compliant Privacy Policies. I know, I've been getting them too. I've also been getting emails hounding me from every third-party the site is connected with. They all insist that I need to also make discchord GDPR compliant too.

Thanks, European Union.

This site uses cookies...
Because that is how the Internet works.

The Tyranny of Bureaucrats

My usual reaction to anyone insisting I need to do anything is flippancy. This was how the Privacy Policy was originally born. I thought seriously about adding a Cookies Declaration to the site in protest. You know all the sites that say, "This site uses cookies..." That is another EU law. There are a lot of weird laws out there, but none is more bureaucratic and useless than making every website tell you how the Internet works.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at least has its heart in the right place. It is still bureaucratic nonsense that will have no impact on Facebook, and it is a pain in the ass, but at least it means well. So fine. After some extra work on my part discchord is now GDPR complaint. I sincerely hope that this exciting news will bring at least 1 EU staffer to a crescendoing climax; making my otherwise useless work worthwhile.

Go Delete Yourself, EU.

The only "data" I retain on people are the emails and other miscellaneous stuff you provide when creating an account. Your email addresses are never shared with anyone else! Hell, the site will only ever use them for emailing you prizes when you sign up for contests, or price alerts if you use the wishlist. That's it.

Thanks to our new European Overlords I had to spend time making a way for you to delete yourself. If you are a registered user you can login and then delete your account in the Profile page, accessible from the menu on the right. If you are not a registered user, you should probably register just to delete yourself and avail yourself of this glorious right and privilege.

When you delete your account all personal data will be deleted. Unlike on Facebook, despite whatever the GDPR or anyone else tells them, I made sure this site is complaint as fuck. When you delete, you're deleted.

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You do realize that if it weren't for the EU, things would be much, much worse, right? Their policies are the only thing keeping Facebook in check since no other government in the world seems to give a flip . . .
May 25, 2018  | person_outline MikePDX
hey tim, thanks for making your site gdpr compliant. all this time i was unable to delete myself! off i go... 😜
May 25, 2018  | person steffen
While I know the loss of the time you invested into GDPR compliance is no laughing matter, I do appreciate your humorous response. Thanks for the laugh in an otherwise dull day.
@MikePDX: Right, that's why I complied... without being too much of an ass about it. While a lot of EU regulations are overbearing, and this one is no exception, GDPR is at least looking out for consumers. Though I honestly don't think any government can touch Facebook at this point. This is all theater. Facebook won't let go of their precious data.
Sounds like you wasted no time… to have fun while complying.
@Enkerli: Yeah... I'm good at finding ways to amuse myself!

90% of the time spent was on security considerations. Since this is giving people a little button that actually deletes stuff from the site's database I wanted to be quite sure they were only deleting themselves.

Fortunately IT security falls under that umbrella of things that amuse me. The "Delete Account" button is now the most secure button on the site. It has triple redundancy; making certain that no one is able to delete other people, especially me!
You can steal my identity any day, Tim. I’m living in Europe and this GDPR thing is an out of touch crock of shit that won’t achieve anything other than piss people off through inconvenience. My credit card details are 4959 9111 8+++++. Aaaagrrhhhhhhhhh......European Bureaucrats....making....me ......we-eeeak.....mu-ust.....resiiiiissssttttt...aaagrrh.....
May 25, 2018  | person nreyes
Thanks for the update, i trust you, but its because i trust you this site becomes a valuable info source on me, it used to be solely up to each website how deep the datamine went, my locations, my cycles, and many other things like speach style, and whatever other personal data that can be added to other sites data, add up the data i share here with five or six other small sites and it would beat out what i share on facebook and profile me very accurately, yeah googles done that decades ago but id prefer to quit asap. Honestly i want my privacy back, i dont want to make anymore compromises "just this one time"

I hope the subject being in the media forces the creation of an intergalactic cyberspace bill of rights and that future versions of the web are forced to evolve a high level of respect for social justice and equality and all that good stuff, and capitalist exploitation is replaced with mutual aid and collaboration. Few benefit when companies and governments are allowed to run unchecked. shits not perfect here but listen to how our politicians approached the facebook mascot compared to america, some of americas politicians would have difficulty reciting the alphabet mustless cleaning up the mess that is our privacy in 2018.
May 25, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Haha thats awesome you made sure we cant delete you tim! Thats really good! Site security, i wonder how many sites make that mistake! Thatd so suck!
May 25, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Thanks for your work Tim. To hear that this is a pain in the ass for other people, not just myself is comforting. “Am I going crazy, or is it the world around me?” What is weird to me, is that some companies need me to do different tasks for them. TEFL said that I need to respond to the email before midnight , and has been sending me the same email for a week now even though I complied to it, Khan Academy simply sent an email saying “By the way please read”... I dunno. But your humour is always appreciated, and reminded me of how important it is to read the blurbs you write ahead of your news posts! Cheers
May 25, 2018  | person burnalot
@burnalot: I think a lot of companies are just confused about what exactly it is they have to do... because it is actually different for different companies, depending on what data they keep and how they use it.

So for instance if TEFL sends out any kind of regular mailing list they require you to provide absolute confirmation that you want to continue to receive it. I don't send out mailing lists, so I don't have to worry about that.

I swear some companies are just going through the motions. All of the people who are just sending out the email of "we updated our privacy policy, go read the whole thing" are actually in violation of the GDPR. When you need to make changes to your privacy policy, those changes must be explicitly stated to users. So stuffing some changes into the policy and telling users to go figure it out is not living up to that expectation.

A lot of those companies are just thinking, "oh well, who is really going to check this at the EU." But they are going to get extra fucked when the EU fines them for data breaches.

Article 1, Section 1(f):

1. Personal data shall be:
(f)processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures ('integrity and confidentiality').
So yeah, you can be lazy about it right now. But the second you have a data breach there are going to be a lot of eyeballs on how you performed your GDPR auditing. Any cut-corners could be a major fine.
Was just talking with a friend about how my view of the tattoo industry and tattooing in general changed over the 15 years I was a tattoo artist. When I closed my shop I never looked back. Speaking of the industry, here in the EU they had enacted more legislation than elsewhere as of 2012 to protect customers and staff from viruses, infections and last but certainly not least heavy metals, chemicals and shit in colors. Which I can atest there is more of the bad than good out there on the market waiting to be hammered up under your skin for your lymphatic system to deal with. The lasting effects unknown, little if any research had been done on the topic for the entirety of my career but the EU began seriously clamping down, and slowly its surely gonna have a positive effect to prevent people from being exposed to some really nasty shit. I wont go into how colors are made because mostly I still dont even know but I know what gas chromatography is and i do know how to read and the results of tests tell me that black and white, ( carbon and titanium) are the only ones that are probly ok, yet new colors , the whole entire spectrum of products from china and such were sold and used freely in the states ( as of 2012) I didn't appreciate the intrusive talk at the EU level when I had a business but looking back I feel I was wrong and I support that our society here has an imune system itself against bullshit, governments are always abusing power but untill self governance is achieved what is to protect the masses from the monsters they create via capitalism than government?
May 27, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Ian knows what’s up. Regulations are vexing, but not as vexing as the fact that our data security is only now really being looked at.. Like 25 years too late.

There’s going to be more of this. We let it slide way too far, and now it’s all about frenziedly fingering dikes for years to come.
May 27, 2018  | person_outline Gressklippermannen
@ian very interesting. Glad I never got a tat for that fact alone: you don’t know what is being injected into your skin.

@tim you rock. Love this site. This and ESPN are my daily visits. Speaking of...I need to become a Paetron. What do I need to do doood?
May 27, 2018  | person Nic Nice
On May 27, 2018 - @Nic Nice said:
@tim you rock. Love this site. This and ESPN are my daily visits. Speaking of...I need to become a Paetron. What do I need to do doood?

Head on over to this Patreon Page to sign up: https://www.patreon.com/discchord_com

The site automatically checks for new Patrons every hour. So wait for a new hour and you should have Patron status. You can confirm that by going to your Profile from the menu on the right. Then the next time you login it will set a special session thing that will turn off ads. You might have to log out first.

And thank you very much! I seriously appreciate my Patrons so much. It is equal parts humbling and amazing to know people like what I'm doing enough to send me money directly!
I thought it was about time I signed up and supported you on Patreon too Tim. So that makes two of us!
@tom_tm: Awesome! Thank you very much!
I would tap that No Shit button.
May 28, 2018  | person_outline Bram Bos
@Bram: Do it! I made the button functional. ;) Also make an account so I can give you developer flair.
Some sites put way too much nutmeg in their cookies. Yours are fine though. Just sayin’
Take a deep breath.
Calm your mind.
You know what is best.
What is best is you comply.
Compliance will be rewarded.
June 08, 2018  | person Alesk
I have assumed the Party Escort Submission Position!

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