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Robot Jam Session

YouTuber Erin RobotGrrl visited the workshop of Jesse Stewart where he makes musical MIDI robots. Here he uses AUMI, an app designed for people with poor motor function, as a musical controller for robots.That is, the robot is controlling the app as a musical interface! This is both insane and inventive!

Video Description:

Robots making music with DIY midi instruments controlled by computer vision software running on an iPad. We explored and played around with the different sounds that can be made.

A collaboration with Robot Missions, Jesse Stewart, and MadeMill!

This was plenty of fun, and this video gives a glimpse into it. Just playing around, trying new things, and coming away with new ideas to try. :)

Filmed inside of the solar powered Innovation Pod - super cool.

For more information:

Thank you Jesse, Tom, Will, and MadeMill crew for your help in making this happen!


Robot Missions is crowdfunding - be part of making it happen:

Stay tuned to our updates:

Reader Comments 2

Experienced the AUMI+DaDaMachines part during an Open House at MadeMill (they’re in the same Innovation Centre as my dayjob, funded by the same grant as we are). Jesse also had cut some pieces of metal to serve as as a kind of vibration. Didn’t recognize him at the time but this video made me realize he’s also the composer for a performance by the orchestra of the National Arts Centre. We did a Mini MakerFaire around that event.
As for RobotGrrl, she’s a real inspiration for people in Ottawa interested in appropriating technology for civic good. She’s using her robots to clean up beaches and raise awareness about diverse issues.

So, thanks a lot for this. Really helped me put things in context.
Yeah, I took a look at her Kickstarter. It is a shame they aren't getting the funding it needs, because those are some great projects! A lot of robotics programs tend to focus heavily on education, which is good, but unfortunately not very interesting to most people. Where as this approach seems to be, "here are robots doing helpful things for the community."

That should be a hit, but I think the may have failed to effectively advertise the campaign.

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