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Harmonizr by Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins released Harmonizr, a new AUv3 harmonizer effect with a lot of nice voicing options. In addition to AUv3, Harmonizr arrives with MIDI input so you can manually specify the harmony from a keyboard.

Harmonizr iTunes Description:

Harmonizr is a vocal harmonizer offering a unique and fun user interface. You can sing a melody, setting the appropriate key centers, and Harmonizr will do the rest, giving 3 voices of automatic harmony. A preset mechanism allows you to change the harmonization, and an editor allows you to customize how you want to harmonize each type of key center (major, minor, and dominant). Harmonizr also supports MIDI input, both to detect key center, and to provide a mechanism for keyboard players to manually specify harmony. There is a 10-voice limit in manual harmonization, and it can be used in conjunction with the automatic voices to create a richer sound, with a total of 14 voices.

There is an official tutorial, and embedded here is a demo by Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom!

Reader Comments 1

No offence to Doug Woods, but to me, those harmonies are not at all what I would call in this day and age “high quality”. If this kind of plug in interests you, I would suggest Harmony 8. The difference in “quality” is HUGE. If all you need is to thicken up your electronic bass line, that is a very different need than being a vocalist, and wanting your voice to be harmonized without a bunch of chipmunks singing behind you.
May 24, 2018  | person burnalot

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