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Audio Dev Interview: Andy Bull, creator of LayR iOS Synth

Developer Matthew Fecher interviewed Andy Bull, the man behind the epic LayR synth! Andy let it slip that the price for LayR will be going up later this month, so you should definitely snag it now if you haven't already!

Video Description:

Andy Bull has had an amazing career. Before the internet was even invented, he started out writing software for the world famous Akai Samplers, including the MPC. Read more to see some highlights...

And now, he's using his decades of experience as an engineer and musician to make amazing apps like LayR, an awarding winning iOS Synth that sounds LUSH.

"Don’t let people put you off your vision. Develop a thick skin for criticism. Learn the technical aspects as you go instead of feeling like you need to 'get it all' before you begin". — Andy Bull


0:00 Intro & Inspiration for LayR?
1:42 Working w/ Sound Designers Brice Beasley & Red Sky Lullaby?
3:39 Why the massive LayR update?
4:45 How did you get started making apps?
8:10 Golden advice for those with ideas who want to make apps?
10:00 Working at AKAI?
11:14 Making Music Shareware for Desktop "Back in the Day"
13:57 Apple "App of the Year" Award Winner
14:53 Is the App Store sustainable? Tell us how you really feel
15:45 Passion Projects, Music Making
16:56 Software Andy made for the DX7
18:00 All Marketers are liars
20:02 What's next for Andy
21:38 AudioBus forum preset creation
22:50 Dealing with bad reviews in the app store
26:15 Do apps need manuals/videos, why don't all apps have them
28:13 Final Thoughts

>Living Memory Software:

Brice Beasley LayR Video:

Red Sky Lullaby LayR Video:

Learn more about AudioKit:

Reader Comments 3

What’s the deal lately with IOS music apps costing $20+? Not really complaining as the devs need to eat, but what changed? So many apps are so buggy and limited that I didn’t care if a $3 app sucked, but no way am I gonna take a flyer on a $20 app... Did Apple change something in terms of pricing/cost to devs? I also notice I see far far fewer wacko music apps like a few years ago... Everything now seems “big time”...
@DrüMünkey: The answer to your first question comes down to the unreasonable economics of apps.

It started with $1 Fart apps. I think they arrived at this price because songs on iTunes were $1. Then if a dev asked $5 for an app they were considered to be full of themselves for charging so much! You could get away with $5 if you were an iPad app, but only if it was a phenomenal one.

Eventually most devs realized this was unsustainable. As I recently learned, it takes a lot of effort to make an app. The whole idea of "just sell a $1 app a million times" doesn't work for niche apps. We are a tiny niche, so over the years many developers began to feel like they were not being well reimbursed for their time. The price of apps have slowly marched up to find a happier balance, which will hopefully keep more devs engaged and making new apps! At least it is still a hell of a lot cheaper than VSTs!

I'm not sure if we are actually seeing less of the "wacko" music apps. Have you checked out Kronecker? It is nuts. I love the crazy apps, and I haven't felt like we are missing out on innovation at all. We just got tardigrain a couple of months ago. There have also been some odd effects like DAW Cassette, Fly Tape, and FS Refraktor within the last two months. From my perspective it is hard to keep up with them all!
MIND... I still can’t figure out wtf it does! :) MIDI Intuitive Note Device... don’t think it’s still in the store, looks like a Russian fever dream... somehow it actually still runs on new OS!

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