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Perforator Demonstration by Bram Bos

Developer Bram Bos demonstrates his next app, Perforator Gatemask, an AUv3 "trancegate" effect coming soon to iOS! He runs through a whole bunch of different presets and styles in this short video.

Video Description:

Quick demo of the Perforator Gatemask ("trancegate") AUv3 plugin. Use the plugin for applying rhythmic gates and accents to sustained sounds, like pads, strings or drones.

Reader Comments 7

Great stuff. Will buy.
Wowowo…wait ……No random😱🤪👊🏻😂 comon 🎈🙏🍦
May 15, 2018  | person_outline JANUBIS
On May 15, 2018 - @JANUBIS said:
Wowowo…wait ……No random😱🤪👊🏻😂 comon 🎈🙏🍦

Heh.. there's a random function under the Utils button :D
May 15, 2018  | person_outline Bram
On May 15, 2018 - @Bram said:

Heh.. there's a random function under the Utils button :D

awesome! when will it be out?
May 15, 2018  | person ILLaddin
While you’re here Bram, will you ever build a polyphonic stepsequencer (into Rozetta), or better yet a polyphonic sequencer with options for recording and manually adding notes? It would turn AUM into a complete DAW.
Never thought a “trance gate” would ever interest me. But, in Bram’s capable hands, it gains a whole new meaning. “Oh, yeah, you can use it for all sorts of things which have little to do with trance. And it’ll even do AU MIDI. Because, why not?” Really curious about the MIDI output. Can you send that to some kind of MIDI CC? In this case, it’s almost like a Rozeta addition, though based on DSP.
It’ll sure be a lot of fun to play with this one.
And given Bram’s track record, we know it’ll be solid.

There really is something about the way Bram works. Been talking about that a bit too much. It’s just that… it never ceases to surprise how he can design such neat plugins in less time than it takes major corporations to release minor updates to meh products.
Sure, there’s a huge difference between creating new “do one thing well” plugins and maintaining a huge codebase for a major product with all sorts of “moving parts” (like a DAW). But even plugin makers don’t venture that far out of their comfort zone.
My hunch is that part of the reason Bram is so efficient is because of his development process itself. Maybe his own codebase is so well-structured that he knows what to leverage quickly to create a whole new set of features. Plus, he doesn’t have to deal with meetings before releasing a new audio plugin, a new part of the Rozeta suite, or a new drum machine. Not to mention that his products target direct needs, felt by many musicians who may not realize they need a semi-modular synth or a bassline app. That, in itself, takes a special sense, which big corporations may lose or drown out.

All this to say, cheers to Bram for upping the game in iOS music apps. If more people can follow his example, we’ll really have the best platform for musicking.

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