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Humpback Whale Song from Monterey Bay

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) posted a video that perfectly combines my dual-interests in marine biology and sound design! They set up an underwater microphone 900 meters below the ocean surface and 30 kilometers off the shore of Monterey, California. They're now live streaming the results! You can listen to what's happening right now! Embedded here is an intriguing snippet of Humpback Whale song recorded yesterday. It is incredible how much they sound like a violin!

Video Description:

As you listen, you can see the spectrogram of a beautiful humpback whale song from deep in the Monterey Bay. These sounds were recorded on an underwater microphone (hydrophone) located about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from shore, 900 meters (3,000 feet) below the surface of Monterey Bay. It is attached to the MARS undersea cabled observatory, which carries data from the hydrophone back to shore.

Listen to a live stream from the hydrophone: https://youtu.be/dd0Eu6JH7DI or on our website

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There are people who claim whales are more intelligent than humans. Wel, then convince me and play me some Paganini. :)
April 26, 2018  | person_outline Greg
Hey there tim! Not sure if its old news to ya but there is a podcast called 20k https://www.20k.org they did this episode about sound under water! https://www.20k.org/episodes/underthesea All the episodes are awesome though. Another good recent one on the ocean was the first episode of https://www.thisislovepodcast.com It was about a girl who is a swimmer having a run in.... its a really beautiful story!
April 26, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Thanks for the tip, Ian! I will definitely check that out!
Thanks Tim!
This is more musical than 90% of the modular vids out there... I kid I kid...
April 27, 2018  | person DrüMünkey
I got around to listening to that podcast today. It was fun, but not nearly long enough! I wanted to hear more!

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