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Pen2Bow Update

Pen2Bow, from Dimos Gaidatzis, was updated with some of the suggestions made here in the comments.

What's new in Pen2Bow v1.0.2:

- Added a settings page. It includes sensitivity and range adjustment for the 4 MIDI controllers.

- Added a touch piano keyboard. Virtual instruments can now be played without the need for an external MIDI keyboard.

- Added a refresh button for the MIDI device list. Pen2Bow no longer needs to be restarted in order to detect new MIDI devices.

Here's an official demo for the new update and its features.

Reader Comments 3

No functionality on iPad Pro 12.9 2017 model
Apr 10, 2018
BK Holiday

Have tried several different midi synths and none will produce a sound from using several different (Animoog, Volt, Vogel CMI, etc.) iOS synth apps using specific & network session outputs - inputs but still no sound at all. Same issue wIth previous release as well.

^^^ only feedback on the app store...
Try starting pen2bow AFTER starting a synth. Same ipad model as you and 100% success
April 23, 2018  | person_outline Hg
Dear BK Holiday. I saw your comment on the App Store but did not know how to reach you to help. In order to troubleshoot it would be great if you could perform the following steps on your iPad and report at which point there is a failure:

1. Open Pen2Bow (after updating to version 1.0.2) and move the Apple Pencil on the screen. You should see red or blue trailing lights.
2. Close Pen2Bow completely (double home and swipe away).
3. Download the free iOS synth Scythe (if you don't already have it) and open it.
4. Select the preset "ORG toy" and play some notes to make sure Scythe produces sound.
5. Press the BG button in the upper right corner such that it becomes red.
6. Put Scythe into the background by pressing the home button once.
7. Open Pen2Bow. You should see "Scythe virtual in" in the MIDI output section of Pen2Bow. Select it.
8. Press the keyboard button in the upper right corner of Pen2Bow in order to open the new touch keyboard. Before version 1.0.2 you needed an external midi keyboard to play the notes.
9. Play some notes on the Pen2Bow keyboard. You should now hear Scythe playing the notes.
10. Set the CCs for velocity, Force, Tilt and Orientation to 15, 30, 16 and 18.
11. If you play a note on the keyboard and move the pencil you should here modulation of the sound.

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