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Which Disney Princess Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Internet juggernaut Buzzfeed has purchased discchord in an acqui-hire to secure the prosaic writing of yours truly. Most of the content you've come to associate with discchord will still be here... Only better!

Given Buzzfeed's forumlaic headlines and appeal to the lowest common denominator, you may think that the people behind Buzzfeed were severely impaired cretins. Perhaps the victims of an industrial chemical accident that was extraordinarily high in mercury. You'd be incorrect in either surmise! Bafflingly, and sadly, Buzzfeed hires some of the brightest minds of their generation.

Their honed talent has perfected the art of journalism. Dan Rathers has been disgraced, Walter Cronkite is dead, and Christiane Amanpour has never once deigned to tell us which celebrity would be our best bestie based on a quiz of our puppy preferences. The old generation of elitist news is over and overthrown by millennials prepared to tackle the vexing challenges of the 21st century:

Are You More Mickey Mouse Or Minnie Mouse?"

Under their strict guidance, and well worn article formula, I'm certain discchord will flourish!

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Are you serious or is this just another Tim Webb prank?
April 01, 2018  | person B.Skaigh

I don't buy it... Buzzfeed couldn't afford Tim's asking price.
April 01, 2018  | person_outline Simon
On April 01, 2018 - @Simon said:

I don't buy it... Buzzfeed couldn't afford Tim's asking price.
Fair point. But there are ways to give Tim what he wants which don’t have to do with money.
Dear Tim Webb,

So you’re saying... You are dismantling your space gray fragility and you’ve turned away fro Cmd-Right and recanting your Third Reich from the Sun tendencies, so we can all live in the safe space of anarcho communism to finally achieve equality of outcome and punch all Nazis together. Buzzfeed has made an excellent choice and I speak for all snowakes when I welcome your denouncement of the hate speech from the bigoted memory hole of 1 Infinity loop colonization of the oppressed indigenous developers of Cupertino. Your transitioning creativity of wicked transistor prose will be be social justice needed within the overflowing stack of problematic iOS privilege. I cannot wait for your first installment to bring down the patriarchal processes of institutional systematic operations and finally provide a safe space for the oppressed people of Androids, thus ending the transistor nanometer gap and normalized parity of portable musical apps no longer hindered by nanoagressions, to fully enjoy Discchord regardless of systemfaith to end Apple Supremacy for the proffered bigotry of my expectations and have more diversity. To have a blog of inclusivity, welcoming more Smartphones Of Color, more Open Sourced borders without the toxic Hyper-iMachiavellianism-schism, because only I know my lived experience and don’t need to be marginalized by virus software because as a Software Justice Warrior, I embrace all LLC Malware instead of the key-command of new>file>to trash pipeline. With your cross intersectionality of devices you can take your galaxy Note and Apple Pencil to write Buzzfeed articles to tell us, everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic, and you have to point it all out so we can focus the critical app theory of musical intersectionality.

April 04, 2018  | person dataBANG
Umm... Yes. Some of that anyhow. ;)

I quite liked the phrase Software Justice Warrior!

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