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api_hack.cmd by Tim Webb

Musician, synth guru, and blogger Tim Webb adds iOS Developer to his titles with the release of api_hack.cmd.

While largely known for his Python programming behind the popular website discchord.com, Tim has exceeded his comfort zone to wade into the murky waters of mobile apps. Though you may be expecting a music app from Tim, your expectations will have to wait a bit longer. To first learn the ropes of Swift 4, he needed to set a more feasible goal than jumping straight into synth development.

api_hack.cmd is a developer tool that does nothing on its own, but promises to be capable of, "Literally EVERYTHING!" Tim goes on to explain that the app can interact with Web API calls to servers throughout the world in both GET and POST requests. It will then display the resulting JSON response. In addition to the obvious aid this app will offer in testing API development it can also find a use in every developer's toolbox, if that developer is comfortable creating his own APIs. Think Lemur or MIDI Designer Pro for API calls.

api_hack.cmd iTunes Description:

api_hack.cmd does nothing, but it can do everything. Literally EVERYTHING!

As long as that "everything" we're talking about is controllable via a Web API. It is kind of useless otherwise. So don't buy this unless you have a Web API you want to interact with. Or if you just want a pretty icon on your phone. That is one pretty icon, and easily worth the price of admission, but seriously this app won't do anything for you if you don't have an API you want to hit.

api_hack.cmd is actually helpful for developers who want manual control over tasks that aren't suitable for scheduled automation. With api_hack.cmd you have a button on your phone that can issue custom commands to servers across the world. api_hack.cmd will then display the results of any JSON response.

Home automation enthusiasts will also find value in the ability to send custom instructions to their Home Assistant. Some assembly required, no support offered or implied.

Writing stuff in the third-person is more awkward than I expected. I did a thing! This app will only be useful to about 0.01% of you, but I sincerely hope my demo video for it will entertain some greater percentage than that.

Reader Comments 9

Congrats on the release, Tim!
Getting home from work, I will watch the video to get a better idea of what it does :D lol

Congrats on your 1st app!
Congrats on the app. You had me at "Synth Guru" :D
Congrats on the new hat! iOS dev is a coveted title, these days. Maybe even more than synth guru.
Now, let’s brace ourselves for the onslaught of negative comments about pricing, the lack of updates in the last 12 hours, the fact that it’s offtopic, and admonition to just shut up and make music.
Way to go Tim. Can’t hardly wait for your music app...whatever it may be.
Thank you very much!

Oh, I forgot to mention... If by any chance a Patron wants it, just let me know and I'll send you a promo code. It's the least I can offer in thanks for your support of all my efforts.
Does it have panning??? 😜
March 06, 2018  | person_outline Brizie
Great work Tim. I'm thinking of making an app too at some point.....
March 06, 2018  | person_outline Brizie
Does it do panning...? :-)
March 06, 2018  | person_outline Simon

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