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Samplist by Alex Buga

Alex Buga released Samplist, a new sampler for Audiobus and IAA! Samplist arrives with support for all forms of MIDI input and is easy to import into with "Open In..." or the Files app. You can even export your slices to other apps that support Zip files.

Contest: I have 3 copies to give away! Register and comment here for a chance to win. Codes go out Sunday.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Jacuzzi Light, Bob, and Smith!

Samplist iTunes Description:

Samplist is a MIDI sampler instrument which allows you to chop a sample into different parts and play them with the on screen keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

• Audiobus
• Inter-app Audio
• MIDI in, both wired & via Bluetooth LE
• Sample import from Files app or "Open in..."
• Export slices as Zip file to other apps
• Each slice has its own Filter, Envelope & Realtime pitch shifter.

More to come in the near future

There's already a timely, and much needed, thesoundtestroom demo for Samplist!

Contest Entries 32

Certainly looks good, I am always interested in sampling apps!
February 24, 2018  | person Zvon
Sorry for the double post, clicked the wrong button
February 24, 2018  | person Zvon
This app looks really useful! Would love to try it out!
February 24, 2018  | person_outline Kris Keyser
Surprised there was a Saturday posting from
I look forward to new posts on new apps every day
Like a religious experience
Thanks to all information coming from this web site
February 24, 2018  | person_outline Speeder
very useful review and good app:)
thanks in advance!
February 24, 2018  | person_outline Felix Petrescu
Sounds like something I would love to play with. Happy to have one Tim.
February 24, 2018  | person Dookone
@Kris, Speeder, Felix: You need to register for your contest entries to count. The system is automatic, and only works on registered users to prevent duplicate entries.

That's why there is the warning above commenting when you're not signed in:
"Anonymous users are not allowed to sign up for contests."
Nice. Why don’t try it?
February 24, 2018  | person Emanuele
Cool! Still trying to decide if I would use this app. Hasn’t stopped me before.
I am a big fan of sampling apps. Hope to see what this offers.
February 24, 2018  | person Sereptie
You can never have too many sampler apps!
February 24, 2018  | favorite_border Tony
I would love to sample this app! Thanks Tim!!! 🤖
February 24, 2018  | stars Smith
Sign me up for the give away. Seems to be a quite interesting app. Cheers
February 24, 2018  | person Matt
Time for another freebie, Tim. bdc1989@gmail.com
February 24, 2018  | person B.Skaigh
Sampling AND IAA...please stop with such goodness. this will make for some interesting and speedy workflows with applying other app effects, like even the forthcoming Bram Bos Kosmonaut!
February 24, 2018  | person sirshanksalot
I does reminds me of Propellerheads Recycle.
February 24, 2018  | person voodmania
Count me in Tim. Worth a try :)
February 24, 2018  | stars Bob
Looks AWESOME! Thanks, Tim!
February 24, 2018  | person colorofdubious
I love samplers. It would be Nice to win it.thanks for everything anyway.
February 25, 2018  | person vasre
Can this cure me of my Samplr addiction?-)
February 25, 2018  | person_outline Sarmad
No brainer for 5 notes. Amazing what you can get on iOS really!
February 25, 2018  | person Charlie
This looks awesome!
February 25, 2018  | person Yak Nepper
Love this!
If I win this sampling app I'm going to write an epic poem about discchord.
February 25, 2018  | person Horse Mantis
I’d like to sample this!
February 25, 2018  | person AwesomeSupaDupa
Hi Tim! Cut me off a 'slice' of this action 🤠 (the puns keep on coming!)
February 25, 2018  | stars Jacuzzi Light
Looks interesting, it's nice to slice
February 25, 2018  | person SimHC
Please let me have chance for this one, Tim.
February 25, 2018  | favorite_border Jensen
A simple straightforward sampler on iOS, sounds good!
February 25, 2018  | person Nandemoiiyo
I want to try it. Count me in
February 25, 2018  | person_outline prog
Looks cool - count me in too!
February 25, 2018  | person d4d0ug
Coolness. Would like to take it for a spin too Tim. :)
February 25, 2018  | person skiphunt

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