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thesoundtestroom: Grand Finale Preview

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom brings us a preview for Klevgrand's upcoming mastering app, Grand Finale. This one seems to be breaking from tradition since it is not named something weird in Swedish!
Grand Finale is already available on desktops as a AU/VST for $60.

Update: Doug just commented here that the app will be Universal, so iPhone users will have a mastering app!

Video Description:

GRAND FINALE - Mastering App
There will be an App Store link here when the app is released

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Reader Comments 5

I should also add that Klevgrand have just told me that it’s also going to be Universal which will make the iPhone users extremely happy, I think that this may be the only mastering app that is universal...but I'm happy to be corrected 😁
February 16, 2018  | person_outline Doug
Good news, Doug! Thanks for the added info!
Doug, the Lurssen app is universal (and is great by the way)
February 16, 2018  | person_outline Cuscolima
Many thanks to Doug and yourself for sharing this. I thought the Mac version of Grand Finale looked really interesting, but at $60, not something I could really justify at the moment. The fact that Klevgrand have ported it to iOS is extremely welcome - even more so, that they've made it Universal (as I do a lot of music-recording on my iPhone).

I've been waiting for ages for an affordable and easy-to-use mastering app for iPhone, that I can at least use to give a bit of polish to rough "in-the-works" mixes. (In general, I'll transfer recordings to our Mac/Logic setup for "proper" mixing, though if GF ends up doing a good enough job...)

Given how many Klev apps I already use: when Grand Finale "lands", I think I'll be leaping on it :-)
February 17, 2018  | person_outline Tim W
Regarding the Lurssen mastering app: it's a free download, but basically a "demo" in that form, with an "unlock" IAP of £48.99.

By comparison, if Grand Finale is anything like Klevgrand's other "FX" apps (e.g. Brusfri, which has become one of my "essentials toolkit" for iPhone recording), I reckon it'll go on sale at 50% off for a week or two at launch, with a usual price of about £15. If I'm right about that: I'm buying it at the first opportunity...
February 17, 2018  | person_outline Tim W

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