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Learning Piano with Yousician: Day 30

Gallivanting Gal runs a travel channel, and for the last month she's been trying to learn piano with Yousician. She's also been chronicling her experience, which is an excellent way to see if this practice app is practical. Here is her 30th day with the app.

Video Description:

Learning piano with Yousician, Day 30. I'm butchering Clementi's Arietta!

App I'm using:
Yousician app (iPad)

IG/Facebook: @gallivantinggaltravel
Twitter: @ggaltravel

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I don't know anything about how Yousician works in the big picture, but one little observation is that forcing someone to play a piece in time before they are ready seems problematic.

I've starting having my students use a kind of "hesitation" mode where if they aren't sure what notes are next, they should pause-- then play after they've worked it out. On the plus side, they work out the mental processes to choose correct notes, and they don't practice their mistakes. On the minus side, the rhythmic flow can take a back seat, which isn't always a good idea.

I try to mix up forcing them to play in time, and being out of time with correct notes.
November 14, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Hi stub,

This is my video so I thought I'd give a bit more insight - I can play at any speed I want... sometimes I go down to 20% so it's really slow and I can find the notes. I can also pause the playing so I can figure the section out on my own, then click play or restart to try it in time. I can select a section of the song to replay over and over until I get it right, then add in the rest of the song. Finally, I can have it show just one clef at a time so I can focus on each hand separately.

I should also mention the app integrates lessons in scales, chords, and other basics in between songs - but they aren't as fun to show on a video :)

I have never had a piano lesson before so I cannot really compare the two, but I have to say this has been pretty great. The one challenge is reading real sheet music. I played a little trumpet and have sung for years, so I can read the treble clef with ease, but the bass clef is a challenge. It's also still tough for me to figure out which fingers to use on each key as I move my hands around, but I imagine that will come naturally with more practice.

I'd love to have a teacher though, since they can correct things I'm doing wrong and do not realize. Unfortunately, since I'll be leaving to travel soon, it didn't seem like a good time to get formal lessons.

-Christine (Gallivanting Gal)
November 15, 2017  | person_outline Gallivanting Gal

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