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Zeeon Synth Update

BeepStreet's new Zeeon synth is now Universal! Today's update also includes 2 new IAP soundbanks!

Reader Brice Beasley, who did the Basement Cinematics for LayR and The Unfriendly for KASPAR, is offering the Z-Space 80 preset pack for $3. Also for $3, you can pick up 59 presets in Exploration Vol. 1 by long-time reader Oliver Imseng!

Contest: I have 5 copies of Zeeon to give away! Register and comment here for a chance to win. Codes will go out Saturday morning so that winners can play with the app this weekend!

Contest closed! Congratulations to huphtur, The other Brian, Laarz, oscdrift, and emac!

What's new in Zeeon synth v1.3:

- Zeeon synth is universal now (iPad + iPhone)
- Added a dedicated MIDI input port
- Additional banks are available as IAP
- Stability improvements and bug fixes

iSequence HD was also updated today for the first time since 2014! The app is now 64-bit compatible.

As you might expect, thesoundtestroom has already posted a video to demo the new sound banks!

Contest Entries 46

Sounds cool. And I would give it a try if I win Zeeon
November 10, 2017  | person Fred
Good luck everyone this is a nice synth!
November 10, 2017  | favorite_border Erik
i'm in!
November 10, 2017  | person wooliscool
I would love to win Zeeon synth - especially now that it runs on iphone!
November 10, 2017  | person halftone
Curious to compare this to iSEM. SIgn me up for the contest. Thanks.
November 10, 2017  | person jzn
Nice one, I m in :)
November 10, 2017  | person Matt
Commenting wistfuly....
November 10, 2017  | stars The other Brian
This contest pushed me over the edge to register on the website here. Hi everyone. Hi Tim. Hello Zeeon.
November 10, 2017  | person Hmtx
Sweet! I’m in!
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Jude
Sounds nice.
November 10, 2017  | person voodmania
Can't go wrong with BeepStreet.
November 10, 2017  | favorite_border aufde
On November 10, 2017 - @Hmtx said:
This contest pushed me over the edge to register on the website here. Hi everyone. Hi Tim. Hello Zeeon.
Hi, Hmtx! Now that you have an account, be sure to go vote on which apps you love or hate!

Been beta testing this. So impressed. Some of the warmest filters I've ever heard
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Harison Zamperla
Whoops. Wasn't logged in. Anyways zeeon rocks
November 10, 2017  | stars huphtur

->The swing function doesn't work anymore with this update.


-> great synth. (in its infancy)


-> brice's sounds are alwas top notch.
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Spaced Invader
I'd sure like to win a copy. Seems like a powerhouse synth. Especially with those high modulation scan rates!!
November 10, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Please include me in the draw for the synth.
November 10, 2017  | person mungbeans
Swing is back:)
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Spaced Invader
(But still cuts off the last swung note and notes that are close together in the sequencer that cannot save notes with presets yet)

- like i said, its still in its infancy..

-Besides all of the needed improvements-> it sounds fantastic! ;)
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Spaced Invader
So much praise for this synth! I'm started to get tempted to add it alongside Model 15 as my second 'high end' synth now that iOS is my main platform for music production...
November 10, 2017  | person Jacuzzi Light
Don't have it yet but excited about it becoming universal, come on free code...
November 10, 2017  | favorite_border RJB
Roly Poly daddy's Little Fatty
I bet he's gonna be a man someday
November 10, 2017  | stars Laarz
I don't qualify!
November 10, 2017  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut
Universal—that’s awesome. After Sunrizer and Impaktor, I have tons of respect for this developer.
November 10, 2017  | person Keeeth
Hey Tim and everyone!
Thanks for the great website. Love it to bits! And would love to win an app ;)
November 11, 2017  | favorite_border eVr
fantastic synth.
like everything else by this developer:)
thank you!
November 11, 2017  | person_outline Higaru Takahashi
I hope I am the lucky rabbit:)
November 11, 2017  | person_outline Felix Petrescu
I had skipped this one, but if I can try for free, why not. I'm in
November 11, 2017  | person jimhanks
I still haven't picked this one up but these new patches plus patches by Red Sky Lullaby are pushing to the brink.
November 11, 2017  | person MikeV
Hey Tim, long time no chat. Hope you are well. Oh yes, I want the synth too.
November 11, 2017  | person Dookone
Time for another freebie.
November 11, 2017  | person B.Skaigh
@Felix & Higaru: You must register for your entries to count. Sorry! It's to prevent people from entering twice.
Pleased to see iSequence HD has received an update. It was the sequencer that got me hooked on iOS music making.

Zeeon and the new libraries sound amazing.
November 11, 2017  | stars emac
Zeeeeeeeon zip!
November 11, 2017  | person NotRightRabbit
Would love to love the lovely......signed,loveliness.
November 11, 2017  | stars oscdrift
I want it!
I need it
November 11, 2017  | person_outline Jose Marroquin
Great synth!! Fingers crossed
November 11, 2017  | person ezmoney
I’m in. Thanks!
I like them fat! Zeeon come to Daddy! Let's make some Noeez! :)
November 11, 2017  | person_outline YannisX
Just signed up, super amped for this synth! *fingers crossed*
November 11, 2017  | person Keenan
Hi Tim, thanks for the informative iOS music-making blog.
Zeeon & Moog Model 15 get a lot of attention with people claiming that it sounds as good as the best VST/AU synths on the desktop. I've watched every video and demo, and it sounds great, but would like to win so I can dig into that fully-optioned Mod Matrix. :) Thanks again.
November 11, 2017  | person Sequencer1
Beep, right up my street.
November 11, 2017  | person SimHC
Sonic exploration!
November 11, 2017  | person Parhelic
great, count me in ive been watching zeeon and its getting better and better....
November 11, 2017  | person Jurri
I need iT 😇please!
November 11, 2017  | person vasre

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