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Cubasis 2 Update

Cubasis 2, from Steinberg, was updated with 10 new classic drum machines, available in a $7 IAP. The update also includes new workflow improvements like Note Repeat and Track Duplicate.

Correction: iTunes is fucking up bad. It is reporting this update is from November 2, 2017 on both the app page and the iTunes API. In reality this update came out in July... I documented the specifics in a comment here if you want the long version. The short version is I'm going to have to spend the afternoon weekend rewriting my code that interacts with the iTunes API because this is the 3rd time it is has done this. Some developers have also mentioned weirdness with iTunes since the "new" App Store rolled out.

What's new in Cubasis 2 v2.2:

• Classic Machines (in-app purchase) — Refill Cubasis with the unmistakable sounds of the ten most wanted iconic drum machines of the ’80s
• Note repeat — Program beats and chords the easiest way
• Track duplicate — Simply tap a button to create exact track copies
• Pad mapping copy & paste — Transfer your favorite drum and chord pad mappings to other tracks smoothly
• Cubasis reset option — Flick a switch to solve unexpected issues on the fly

For a complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please visit www.steinberg.net/cubasisforum.

We hope you find the latest feature additions useful.
If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app in the App Store!
Thank you.

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I’m not seeing new drums machines. Are they referring to the old ones? If so, why would they put that in the description again? Maybe I’m missing something...
November 03, 2017  | favorite_border DCJ
The description above is for version 2.2 which was released in July.

Doesn't look like v2.3 is ready yet (according to the Steinberg forums) so a bit confused how this story came about?
November 03, 2017  | person_outline Tom
Well I'm super confused, and so is iTunes. If you go to the iTunes page it shows:

Updated: Nov 02, 2017
What's New in Version 2.2
• Classic Machines (in-app purchase) ... etc.

Looking at the iTunes API, it is showing the last update before this was:

Previous Version: 2.1

March 27, 2017
• Audiobus 3 support

And it did the same thing for Cubasis LE. New update yesterday, last update March 27th.
On November 03, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:

And it did the same thing for Cubasis LE. New update yesterday, last update March 27th.

Exactly. Something is amiss...
November 03, 2017  | favorite_border DCJ
The first time I saw this it was caused by an update that was propped to iTunes, but not released yet. That happens sometimes when developers want to release updates on a specific date. They go through the iTunes review process and hold off for a few days. But somewhere in between the approval and the actual update release, the iTunes API decides to go bonkers.
That new appstore is pretty annoying. Wish i had my wish list back.
November 04, 2017  | person Yak Nepper
I’ve noticed with the new App Store than my iOS 11 devices don’t find updates at the same time, even if you try to force one to show up. I can even go to an app’s page and see the update is available, but still can’t apply it. One was able to do that before. I have an iOS 10 device and all updates still seem to show up right away on it.
This is why I stick with Windows 7 for all my serious DAW work .. stuff just works, and I can ALWAYS not worry about the tecnology and instead concentrate on the creative process 100%. My ipad 3, 4, Air, and 12.9 pro all get used in one capacity or another, but stuff is always getting broken it seems with every new IOS update, and it spoils all the fun and creativity and instead instills frustration. I just updated my Air to IOS 11 and now my favorite instrument (Jordan Rudess' Geo Shred) doesn't work with Audiobus and Cubasis .. frikin frustrating man! Glad I didn't update my Pro to 11 at least .. whew!
November 05, 2017  | person_outline cloudswimmer

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