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Tutorial: GarageBand on iPad

YouTuber Dan Baker puts a lot of effort into his production! I was really impressed with this tutorial on GarageBand, embedded here, and his shorter follow-up showing off the Live Loops feature.

Video Description:

(Time contents shown below!)
(See also my live loops demo of Garageband: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USNu5...)

Here's an overview of the iPad Garageband (version 2.2.2) with its main features. Track by track, a song is recorded using instruments on Garageband, and external sounds using the in-built mic and also with a guitar interface.
This is a must-have app for anyone, musician or not!

0:00 - Rapper's Delight - watch out for "Dad Rapping"! Leads into the main demo:

0:57 - Introduction
1:29 - Starting a new song
1:52 - "Drummer" - the human drum machine
4:04 - Adding a bass using the on-board sounds
5:48 - The 'follow' function in "Drummer" - genius...
6:38 - Adding guitar using the on-board sounds
8:28 - A brief look at the mixer
8:37 - Editing parts using the precision editor
9:29 - The string section in Garageband
11:35 - Keyboard sounds - there are so many choices, including the expensive "Alchemy" synth

13:00 - Using the precision editor to sort out wrong keyboard notes
13:54 - Quantising and track settings/effects
14:48 - Hammond - the importance of a dynamic controlled sound
15:58 - The SOLO function and adjustment of Hammond speaker rotation

16:53 - The mic and its contact with the human world..
17:23 - Recording backing vocals - why record THREE of the same?
19:40 - Panning tracks between left and right
20:48 - Selecting multiple tracks and copying/pasting
21:18 - The effects - a brief look
21:51 - Compressor - what is it for?
22:26 - Fine control of EQ
24:02 - Multi-take recording function, and connecting guitars.
28:18 - Selecting takes
29:05 - Basic audio editing functions
30:35 - Saving and exporting songs

Enjoy, and subscribe to my channel - there's all sorts of other demos, music videos and repair tips for electronic musicians!

Reader Comments 3

I don’t think some give GarageBand the credit it deserves simply because it’s an Apple product. It has the tools to make some serious music as Dan shows here.
September 30, 2017  | person_outline anickt
Dan has got some interesting music vids - worth checking out!
September 30, 2017  | person_outline Simon
That was really helpful.
October 02, 2017  | person_outline Shawn McClure

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