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Spire: Multitrack Music Recorder Update

VST/AU developer iZotope, Inc. remembered that they had an iOS app Spire: Multitrack Music Recorder, which had been forgotten since its launch in 2015. Their plans, and investment, in the platform have escalated quickly with the announcement of a hardware Spire Studio. This $350 2-input audio interface is truly unlike anything we've seen before.

The battery powered Spire Studio includes a WiFi component that lets you transfer recordings directly to their iOS app. There's even an on-board mic that can "sound check" your room to give you the best possible recording. The app was updated today to make use of the new hardware, but I can't find any details on when it will be available for purchase.

What's new in Spire: Multitrack Music Recorder v2.0.0:

• Support for Spire Studio mobile recording hardware
• Creative effects and guitar amp models (with Spire Studio connection)
• Individual track colors for intuitive identification and mixing
• Precision editing to edit your recordings perfectly
• In-app help guide / tour
• Various bug fixes and user interface improvements

Reader Comments 5

Of course this arrives while I'm already overwhelmed trying to pick a budget interface...

This seems more oriented towards traditional guitar-based stuff... 1/4" ins. Some really cool features though, and obviously iZotope has a pretty good rep. Interested in learning more. Right now I'm kinda leaning toward the new PreSonus 2|6 box but am still open to suggestions.
September 07, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
@Nonny Moose

Have you checked out the Zoom U series? I don't have one, but have the U-44 on my wish-list. They have version 22, 24, and 44 each with different combinations of features.

I like that it could be used for both Mac and iOS, and that the 44 has MIDI i/o, and the ability to plug in those Zoom mic cartridges. I think an iOS recorder with a U-44 with an M-S mic capsule would be very nice indeed. Seems versatile enough, too.

FWIW, I do have a Zoom H2n, and the record quality and reliability has been excellent.
September 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
BTW, this ad does all the clichés. ALL of them. I like her voice.
September 09, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Are there any lightning connector stereo microphones that also have a line input?

I have an idea for a field-recording, mobile music and video recording iPod Touch setup but with the mics I've seen so far (Zoom and IK) I'd need another audio interface if I wanted to record video with a direct audio feed from a line out.
September 09, 2017  | person Bob
@stub - yeah, the Zoom multi-purpose boxes also hit my radar. The face is a little cramped and apparently there's no SPDIF out to iDevices though. Also leaning toward 192 over 96 just for futureproofing. Thanks for the heads-up tho! Much appreciated.
September 11, 2017  | person Nonny Moose

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