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Smart Pianist by Yamaha

Yamaha released Smart Pianist this weekend as a companion app for their CSP series digital pianos. A key feature in the app is the ability to generate a score from an audio source. Just point the app at your favorite music and it will give you automatic sheet music! I'm not sure how well that actually works out in practice, but it sounds promising!

Since this is a Yamaha app they have unnecessarily split the app into US and non-US versions.

Smart Pianist [US] iTunes Description:

Smart Pianist lets you access features of the revolutionary Clavinova Smart Pianist (CSP) series digital pianos, like the CSP-150 and CSP-170. This special app provides a variety of music-related features for you to use your compatible iOS device with the Clavinova CSP.

■ Features
1. Learn to play your favorite songs right away with the exclusive Audio to Score function. When connected to the Clavinova CSP, the Audio to Score function automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs in your music library.
2. Enjoy backing band accompaniment and singing with your own performance. Control the accompaniment feature of the Clavinova CSP, including a large number of Style patterns in various musical genres. These allow you to choose the best virtual backing band for your songs.
3. Hear concert grand piano sound at your fingertips. This Clavinova CSP features high-definition instrument Voices, including the Yamaha flagship CFX concert grand piano and the legendary Bösendorfer* Imperial concert grand piano.
*Bösendorfer is a subsidiary company of Yamaha.

Kraft Music did a demo of the piano with the app! I love the "Stream Lights" feature as an educational tool. Unfortunately the $3,500 CSP-150 may be too steep for some educators.

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re: "When connected to the Clavinova CSP, the Audio to Score function automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs in your music library..."

So does that mean this miraculous transcription technology is only available if you own the Clavinova CSP or can the app alone do that?

It's a beefy DL regardless... just curious as to whether it's worth even bothering.
August 21, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
I hadn't actually tried to test if it was hardware locked. I assumed it was.... but if you test it out let us know!
The app does transcribe the music that you have into your iPad into scores, however not all the music is transcribed completely.

Some song are really well transcribed while another only transcribe the base chores of a song. The piano will then play the music of your choice with the newly made score.

The piano will illuminate the key plaid by the piano.

(I purchased on iTunes a compilation of famous films soundtracks played in piano with the purpose to learn them and unfortunately the app only transcribed the backing section therefore it doesn’t allow me to learn to play it...as I am not very good good at reading scores)

Another issue with ‘self-made-scores is thatthe GUIDE facility doesn’t work.

On the songs/music provided by Yamaha, you can set the piano to wait for you and you can chose if you want left or right hand as well as with or without back up thanks to the GUIDE facility.

As I said above, this facility doesn’t work with the self-made-score.

I bought the piano for my kids however now the whole the family is playing as you don’t need to know how to ready the score to play it.

I would recommend this piano to everyone as I am sure Yamaha will only improved the App as it is the main selling point for this piano.
January 04, 2018  | person Procoviv
We bought this piano on the weekend and am very impressed with it.
I would like to know if it is possible to create your own GUIDE compatible transcriptions/midi files or whatever.
Everyone in the family will be using this piano, but I am particularily interested in trasnscribing songs to improve my ear. Would be great then to work on simple songs that the young members of the family can play with the guide active.

I will see what I can do with it and update here if I figure it out.
ok, so you can make you own GUIDE / follow the streaming lights compatible songs. You just have to use MIDI songs.
the format is described here.

That said, I downloaded a classical piano midi file and it worked. Open it in garage band and could see it was left and right hand tracks. Anything else (ie with more than 2 tracks) and it is incompatible.

So if you can transcribe your own song into musical score using MIDI software, or find the song that you want, you can have any song on the Yamaha CSP, not just the ones in their shop.
edit that last comment
the midi format is type one
you can download pretty much any midi song with multiple tracks then within the Smart Pianist app you can select which track is right and left hands within the song config options
even easier!

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