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DIY MIDI Controller for Moog Model 15

Tom Simmert built a massive 64 knob hardware controller to tweak all of the knobs inside of Model 15.
And what glorious knobs they are! This looks like an official Moog product!

Video Description:

I've built a Controller with 64 knobs and switches for Moog's great sounding iPad app of the Model 15. Patching still happens via screen, but all controls are at hand.

Reader Comments 3

I have a half-built MIDI controller box. All that's left is to wire everything to the brain and program it.

I'm wondering what he ended up using as a CPU for this. There are a few options out there.

What's often unclear is which options support 14-bit NRPNs. And the reason it matters for this kind of application (not app, per se) is that 128 steps of resolution can be pretty grainy/stair-steppy for realtime control of pitch, cutoff, and amplitude related settings, so using 14-bit can vastly improve that sound & accuracy.
On July 24, 2017 - @stub said:
I'm wondering what he ended up using as a CPU for this. There are a few options out there.
What CPU / brain are you using ?
Do you implement 14bit control resolution ?
July 24, 2017  | person Nozomi
@ Nozomi
I looked at the comments under the official YT vid and it says he used a Doepfer USB64.

I looked at the device specs and it appears to be only 7-bit, standard CCs, no NRPNS, no 14-bit.

I think a Behringer BCR2000 or BCF2000 would be a better option for smoother 14-bit control. However, I'm not sure how standard it is for apps to be able to receive 14-bit control sources.


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