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Toz Bourne - Mindless

Reader Toz Bourne has released his 5th album! Toz had some difficulty nailing down a genre to describe this one, but I'll call it Jazz Punk. Far from Mindless rambling, though there are discordant elements, the album remains musical throughout.

Mindless: Name Your Price

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Great work, Toz! Thanks for posting this, Tim - just previewed the first four tracks, and I think Jazz Punk is a good moniker for these sounds. Although, the part of me that likes to extend my pinkie while sipping white russians in high society thinks perhaps Prog Jazz Punk might take it the rest of the way home ;)

Either way, great stuff, Toz! Go get 'em! Tell your agent it's GMA or Bust!

Cheers :)
LOL, yes! Definitely Proggy feeling!
Thanks for the post Tim. And thanks Eustressor, I like it..that made me smile.

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