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Midiflow for Audiobus 3 by Johannes Doerr

When the original Audiobus was released there were very few audio effects apps available on the App Store. New comers might find it hard to imagine, but you couldn't readily use them; except in a limited capacity with an audio interface. Audiobus' arrival opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Audiobus 3 also brings us a whole new class of MIDI Effects apps! Johannes Doerr, developer of Midiflow and iMIDIPatchbay, is the first developer to take a crack at that! Midiflow for Audiobus 3 is a series of MIDI effects that provide both utility and creative functions. These can be bought as a full bundle for $9, a Key Effects Bundle for $4, or individually. Midiflow Transposer and Midiflow Monitor are both free.

Midiflow Keyboard for Audiobus 3 iTunes Description:

This keyboard for Audiobus 3 allows you to perform music with multiple synth apps at the same time. Use the piano or scale layout to play single notes, and select the chord keyboard for accompaniments. With Audiobus 3, it's super simple to connect the keyboard to your synth apps.

+ Piano layout
+ Scale layouts (Min/Maj Blue, Ionian, Dorian, ...)
+ Chord layout
+ 2 independent keyboard strips on the iPad, 3 on the iPad Pro
+ Quickly switch sounds
+ Adjust visible key range and
+ Jump to other octaves using up/down buttons
+ Transpose output in half-tone steps
+ Modulation wheel
+ Pitch-Bend wheel
+ "Hold" mode with unisono option
+ Note velocity can be controlled via position or acceleration of the touch, or set to a fixed value
+ Use Split View/Slide Over to display the keyboard next to other apps

Midiflow Motion iTunes Description:

This MIDI sender app for Audiobus 3 lets you control effect parameters of other apps – in a way that no touch screen can replace – by moving the device. Set any kind of MIDI command like volume or modulation as output and fine-tune it to the exact motion range you want to perform with. You can even control multiple effects simultaneously.

+ Use device rotation around the X or Y axis
+ Adjust the range of motion for controlling a parameter
+ Adjust the range of output values
+ Send virtually any MIDI command (e.g. pitch-bend, any Control Change like modulation or expression, and even custom MIDI messages)
+ Control multiple parameters and/or multiple apps at the same time by inserting this app multiple times in Audiobus

Midiflow Splitter for Audiobus 3 iTunes Description:

If you play your synth apps with an external keyboard, Midiflow Splitter is an essential tool for you. This MIDI effect app for Audiobus 3 lets you create split and layer configurations in an easy but powerful way. Thanks to Audiobus State Saving, everything can be saved and recalled when your show is about to start.

+ Add any number of split points
+ Assign resulting key zones to synth apps
+ Transpose each synth app in octaves
+ Choose which controllers (sustain, pitch-bend, etc.) should be active for each synth app
+ Solo sounds
+ Supports multiple keyboards

Midiflow Limiter iTunes Description:

This MIDI effect app for Audiobus 3 is a filter and remapper for note velocities. Filter out notes that are too loud or too quiet, or remap them to different values. Use multiple instances to create velocity layers, which trigger different sounds based on the notes' velocity.

+ Specify a velocity range to filter out notes
+ Use a curve to remap velocities
+ Remap to a fixed velocity
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus

Midiflow Scales iTunes Description:

This MIDI effect app for Audiobus 3 lets you filter out unwanted notes or remap them to a scale. Thin out tracks from a sequencer to create a reduced variation. Prevent wrong notes when playing on a keyboard. Generate harmonies by using the app in combination with Midiflow Transposer.

+ Filter out "wrong" notes that are outside of a scale
+ Remap notes to the closest "right" note
+ Pick notes manually
+ Select from a list of predefined scales (Min/Maj Blue, Ionian, Dorian, ...)
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus

Midiflow Randomizer for Audiobus 3 iTunes Description:

Whether you want to add a human touch to note sequences or seek inspiration, this MIDI effect app for Audiobus 3 is a simple but effective tool for you. Randomize notes, note velocities, and timing just by specifying a desired range of variations. With the help of Midiflow Scales, you can keep your randomized notes in harmony.

+ Randomize notes
+ Randomize note velocities
+ Randomize timing
+ Specify an amount of variation for each type
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus

Midiflow Transposer iTunes Description:

This simple MIDI effect for Audiobus 3 allows you to transpose notes. You can shift by octaves and half-tones. This is useful if you want play an external keyboard in a different tone. You can also use it to create harmonies, i.e. create a second voice in an interval. Since this app is so essential, you can get it for free.

+ Shift notes in half-tone steps
+ Shift notes in octave steps
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus

Midiflow Monitor iTunes Description:

Do you want to see what MIDI is doing in your Audiobus setup? Just add Midiflow Monitor into one or more MIDI effect ports and the app will print what is going through. This can help you find problems or just understand how MIDI works. This app is a must-have and available for free.

+ Track MIDI commands when the app is in the foreground or background
+ Use multiple instances of this effect in Audiobus
+ Use Split View/Slide Over to display the monitor next to other apps

Johannes put together an excellent series of tutorial videos to show off the apps, embedded here as a playlist.

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