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Audiobus 3 Released!

Audiobus 3 was finally released today! Those of you that were around before Audiobus can appreciate how much it changed the way we use apps today. You could kind of get away with some hacky multi-app playback, but it was rough and often ended in tears. Audiobus finally let us tie together all of our great apps, and enabled a whole world of new apps. Remember how lame the original Filtatron was when you could only use it with an Audio interface? Audiobus changed that. Audiobus changed everything.

Audiobus 3 is a total refresh that will undoubtedly lead to many more exciting new possibilities for music apps. The key features here are AUv3 support, and integrated MIDI routing. Not only does the MIDI routing make life much easier, it also opens up iOS to the sorts of MIDI effects enjoyed on desktop DAWs. To kick things off Midiflow developer Johannes Doerr has released 8 MIDI effects, which is 8x more than iOS had yesterday.

Audiobus 3 iTunes Description:

Open up new worlds of creative music making possibilities with Audiobus, the app that lets you use your music apps together, just like virtual cables.

Send live audio or MIDI from one Audiobus-compatible app to another: add effects on top of your favourite synth, use your favourite step sequencer to drive the whole lot, and record it all in your favourite DAW, sampler or looper. Plug in a MIDI keyboard, run it through an arpeggiator or a key quantizer, and record the result in your DAW, or drive several different sound generators with a keyboard splitter. The possibilities are endless.

Then save your setup in a preset to be restored with one touch later on.

With a completely new MIDI routing system, support for Apple's new Audio Unit Extensions standard, a new built-in mixer, and huge new workflow improvements, Audiobus 3 represents a big step forward for mobile music making.

Audiobus has a rich community of over 900 great compatible apps, including:

- Korg Gadget
- GarageBand
- Launchpad
- Animoog
- Loopy HD
- Cubasis
- Amplitube

and many more. See the full list at http://audiob.us/apps.

Audiobus: Your music apps. Connected.

Now the bad news... Audiobus, and the MIDI Effects, require iOS 10.2! The Audiobus team brought in Jakob Haq for the official tutorial videos. Embedded here is the overview, and there is also a MIDI tutorial.

Reader Comments 14

Nop. Still not on UK app store. I disagree Audiobus 3 has been released........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Does anyone know if the mixer can be Controlled via a midi device? And does it have midi learn for the faders and mute / solo buttons?

April 03, 2017  | person_outline Terry
Hi Terry,

MIDI learn for the faders is not yet included in the 3.0 version but we're going to add this in an upcoming update.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
At the minute I use audiobus 2 aum and midiflow together to achieve what I need.
Hopefully audiobus 3 can do everything I need once it's been patched!

Thanks for all you've done for the ios music community.

April 03, 2017  | person_outline Terry
Gak, I knew there would be some foreboding reason to not get this...
April 03, 2017  | person_outline R3pl1c4nt
...the damn game just changed, I hope my iPad mini 4 and iPad 4th gen can handle this new demand.. Heck, even my iPhone 4SE....
April 03, 2017  | person_outline R3pl1c4nt
I'm still not on iOS 10 on my devices. Too concerned about wrecking their battery performance and slowing them down. Sigh.
April 03, 2017  | person dysamoria
On April 03, 2017 - @dysamoria said:
I'm still not on iOS 10 on my devices. Too concerned about wrecking their battery performance and slowing them down. Sigh.

You're not the only one. I've only got iOS 10 on my iPhone. I didn't get my iPads on iOS10.2 when a jailbreak was available because it was always listed as "beta" ... now Apple is no longer signing iOS 10.2, so I'm stuck in 9.
Gee, jailbreaks and iOS 9. You obviously don't have any security concerns.

Anyway, hurray for audiobus 3.
April 04, 2017  | person lala
Very good video of AudioBus 3 features:

April 04, 2017  | person_outline Simon
On April 04, 2017 - @lala said:
Gee, jailbreaks and iOS 9. You obviously don't have any security concerns.

Anyway, hurray for audiobus 3.

That's a fair point. You absolutely have to take responsibility for your own security when you jailbreak. It isn't hard, but it can be tedious if you don't enjoy that sort of thing. I happen to enjoy that quite a lot! When I was designing v3 of the site I included about a dozen booby-traps and easter eggs for hackers. I love the challenge of managing security.
Actually there was so much shit in it you couldn't do anything against except turn wifi off, don't browse, and dont play audiofiles you haven't created yourself.


And who knows what else is hiding inside a jail break.
If you are not paying for the product you are the product ;)

April 04, 2017  | person lala
I'm not sure what you're referencing there. You linked to the whole iOS 10.3 patch notes. I've been jailbreaking everything since I got my first iOS device, the iPad 2. I've never once had a security problem, because step 2 on any jailbreak is changing the root password. I like having control over my own devices. When it comes to deciding which apps I should, or shouldn't, have installed I'm the only one that should have any say.

None of my videos would be possible without jailbreaking because Apple won't allow Display Recorder. Why? "Because Fuck You!" is Apple's only reply. It's also super nice to be able to use SSH on my iPad. I can SSH(sftp) in and download files (like the large video files) directly from the device instead of wading around with their woeful iTunes.

All that said, I'm not an advocate for jailbreaking. Most people don't need to. But if you do, you really need to.

Bummer about 10.2 and AB3. AB2 and Gadget still do the job though, so it's $10 saved!
April 06, 2017  | person_outline Connor

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