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NSA & Obama Tapped All Phones In The World

Elements of the former administration, in league with the NSA, have reportedly tapped all of the phones in the world! I should know, because I'm the one actively reporting that. With our phones now essentially useless we must recycle them.

YouTuber Simon The Magpie shows us how to convert our old phones into microphones with a 1/4" output.

Video Description:

I just learn as I go along! And I invite you to do the same! This was a real fun and easy one to do and the resultat is amazing to sing thru pedals!!
Diy microphone from a flee market telephone! Total cost = old people money
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"I should know, because I'm the one actively reporting that." Noice LOL ;)
March 31, 2017  | person_outline Skip Hunt
One common pattern I've noticed about the Alt-Riche is their recursive reporting. A politician says something insane, one of their outlets repeats it... then he turns around as says, "Look these reporters said it too."

So I included a couple of recursions in today's posts. In the South America post I link back to that same exact post as a source.
Look up "Ben Miller Band" "Black Betty" on YouTube to see a telephone microphone in live action as a harmonica mic.
April 01, 2017  | person_outline RTW
Hell, Alexander Graham Bell tapped all the phones in the world. What do you think phones were invented for? And don't play your harmonica through a telephone! The NSA might send a drone to silence that godforsaken harmonica playing.
April 01, 2017  | person Roikat

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