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Expert: Chemtrails Could Wipe Out Humanity

Last November Infowars reported that the chemical trails left in our atmosphere by traveling jets contain lead and mercury, among other harmful agents. "US eco expert" Michael Tamez, notable for his groundbreaking research into how WiFi is microwaving your brain, warns that covert government operations are afoot to cause droughts in a process he calls Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering.

The strength of the sun is also being diluted from the whitening effect of chemical aerosol geoengineering. This is causing crop failure which then leads us to rely on the government to produce more chemically grown and genetically engineered foods.

These chemtrails can also cause extreme and prolonged periods of drought. Never before have we witnessed such an extreme amount of weather fluctuation across the globe."

YouTuber tachionics is not sitting idly by while his children are exposed to these elements. Using household ingredients he has managed to construct a membranophone, which both purifies the air and can double as a musical instrument.

Video Description:

Quick video tutorial for building a membranophone out of PVC and a balloon.
A membranophone is a musical instrument with a vibrating membrane resonating with a column of air.
For more homebrew instruments, check out Musical Instrument Design by Bart Hopkin: a really fun read, and where we got the idea for the membranophone.

Reader Comments 3

I'm not sure how I feel about all this nonsense. The membraneophone is awesome though.
Balderdash. How could a government that can't pass a decent kill-the-poor bill (I mean, healthcare bill) possibly run a decent chemtrail program. Obviously, the chemtrails are sprayed by craft from Zeta Reticuli masquerading as mere human manufactured jets. Their goal is to deplete the vital fluids of earth men, making them incapable of fathering anything but puny grey alien surrogates. Once humans are replaced by grey aliens, they can abolish the second amendment. (At least your headline is accurate.)
April 01, 2017  | person Roikat
[Tim Edit: I don't know what the hell all that was, and I'm not going to read it to figure it out. I know I saw some veiled thing about Jews being in control, so chances are you are in violation of rule #2... Don't embarrass me on my site. This is your only warning. I don't care about your conspiracies. This is a joke: Laugh, or don't. ]

[Tim Edit 2: Wow... I'm genuinely sorry for causing your distress. I think it's best that you "boycott" me. I'll help make sure that you do with a ban.]
April 02, 2017  | mood_bad DADAISMO

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