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Self-a-Fuzz by Savelii Kaliupanov

Reader Savelii Kaliupanov, developer of Degulator, just released Self-a-Fuzz! This new distortion effect can be used in Audiobus, or Inter-App Audio, and includes MIDI-in for controlling the drone and filters. Self-a-Fuzz is self-described as being hard to setup, and actively warns against its difficulty in the iTunes description! Fortunately there is a detailed manual, with SoundCloud examples of some of the many effects possible in this distortion app. It is also the first app to use Confused Travolta on the official site to illustrate complexity.

Self-a-Fuzz iTunes Description:

Launch discount for several days only.

This is not a easy to setup app, it would be hard to understand.
If you seek for “make it great” button - this is not.
I wish you think twice before buying this app, read manual and explore examples.
And write me a line if you have any struggles. ashshaosh.com

Self-a-Fuzz its a distortion audio effect, pretends on the name of the dirtiest distortion ever. It uses noise-shaping and couple overdrives to bring unusual disturbance into your instruments.
As source of noise for shaping you can use white/pink noise generators, input itself and mighty drone unit with 5 oscillators and pitch detection. You can filter your noise with bypass, VCF and 10-line equaliser.
Shaping-modulation unit have 11 methods to mix up signals and kick dramatic changes to source.
After this you also can drive your input and/or mix it with shaped input and/or filtered noise.
And off course it have randomisers!

+ Audiobus and IAA
+ audio in background if connected to IAA or Audiobus
+ white/pink noise generators
+ Clean input as noise source
+ Drone with sinus, saw, square, triangle and table oscillators
+ Bypass, VCF and 10-line equaliser
+ 11 types of signal mixing to combine
+ 4 overdrive
+ Lowpass and limiter on output
+ Pitch detection for drone
+ 4-voice polyphony synth
+ MIDI-in to controll drone and filters
+ Internal keyboard for setup drone chord
+ presets system
+ Recording to wav
+ Audioshare export and copy to clipboard
+ Many randomisers with different deep to mess up setup
+ 8 live monitors to look on sound

Go to ashshaosh.ru/self-a-fuzz to know more, hear and see examples and tutorials.
If you ignore this suggestion, i promise, you’l feel yourself like John Travolta in famous gifs - completely lost.

Thank you.

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Why is this not available in the Australian AppStore?
April 01, 2017  | person_outline Mike
The developer said there was some bug he missed, so he pulled it from iTunes globally to squash it.

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