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Audiobus 3 Releases on March 27th(ish... Update!)

Ashley Elsdon from Palm Sounds accidentally let slip that Audiobus will be releasing at the end of this month! Over on the Audiobus Forum, Sebastian Dittmann confirmed that March 27th is the official release date!

Update: On Saturday morning the Audiobus team modified their release date to March 27, "+ maybe 1 or 2 days for the media to calm down about Gadget again. I'll announce the actual day as soon as we decide it for sure." Since Gadget was delayed to late March, they want to give that some space.

Audiobus 3 features three key factors to propel the platform forward, while also greatly improving the workflow of connecting multiple apps.

Unified MIDI

Since early 2012 we've been fortunate enough to have many developers agreeing on OMAC as a standard for Virtual MIDI. This has enabled us to do a lot of amazing stuff, and opened up new opportunities for sequencer apps. Entirely app-based studios became possible! Unfortunately none of that has ever been very sane to manage. 5 years later and life is about to get a lot easier!

Audiobus 3 includes a new way to route MIDI between apps, using a similar interface to the one pioneered by the original Audiobus. Simply select your input app and tell it where you want it to go. Finally MIDI between apps can have a consistent and logical routing procedure, instead of the archaic trail-and-error we've all had to experience a hundred times over.

As you see in the screenshot above, multiple tracks from Fugue Machine are being routed out to other apps on their own lanes. Having discrete lanes opens up a whole new world of possibilities on iOS! For the first time ever we can begin to use MIDI effects between apps! This sort of feature is popular on desktop DAWs, and allows for all kinds of interesting trickery; like scale-locking, and dynamic key-remapping. You can see one such app is active in the MIDI Effect Slots of the two right lanes. This is an entirely new class of apps on iOS!

AudioUnit v3 Support

This screenshot also reveals two instances of Phasemaker are in play! Audiobus 3 can act as an AU host, allowing for multiple instances of any AUv3 app. We've all experienced a lot of problems with Inter-app Audio over the years, but I think Apple nailed it with AUv3. Now we can have AUv3 with the convenience of Audiobus!

Audio Mixer

Hosting all of the routing platforms available in Audiobus 3 will be a lot easier now with an integrated mixer. Instead of diving into every single app to tweak their master volume, you can easily change individual app volumes from inside of Audiobus!

Coming Soon™

And all of this will be available in just 10 days! No more vague "coming soon" here, we have a release date!

Reader Comments 14

This "unified midi" approach sounds dreamy. But, does that mean it'll only work with apps that are updated to support AB3?

I also wonder if this "unified midi" (if it works well) would be some kind of open standard that other apps like AUM and all the big DAWS could utilize at some point?
March 17, 2017  | person_outline Skip Hunt
The apps must be updated to AB3. I beta test AB3 and some apps doesn't work yet properly with it because they use still the old AB2 standard.
while i love audiobus2, i think ill stick to aum for the forseable future. its a workflow that i love [aum and modstep] and ever since aum, i have use audiobus very little too. nothing against it of course. maybe i need to see it in action.
March 18, 2017  | person_outline Petrov1
From what I understand AB3 will be a totally new app with no upgrade from the previous version.

It will be interesting to see what the price of the new app is... I'm guessing US$15.
March 18, 2017  | person_outline Simon
Developer of Audiobus here:
Just fyi, all apps that are compatible with Audiobus 2 are compatible with Audiobus 3.

The Audiobus 3 SDK (the stuff third party developers put in their apps to use features like the Audiobus Connection panel) just enables background launching in Audiobus 3 for apps that have it. (and it fixes a few bugs but I'd never admit that publicly)
Actually, Sebastian updated the post (and started another thread) to say that AB3 will be released a couple of days after Gadget 3, to allow the media (including Ashley and you, one might assume) to cover both apps adequately.
Still, it’s been approved on the App Store, other apps built on the new SDK have been released, and we’re all waiting with bated breath.
March 18, 2017  | person_outline Alex Enkerli
This really seems a day late and dollar short now that we have AUM. AUM has it's amazing bus sends, very capable built in effects and utilities, etc. AUMs midi routing/matrix is almost perfect (just needs some kind of ability to do basic manipulations of midi signal like scaling or inversions of cc).

What will AB 3 have that sets it apart competitively or creatively from AUM?
March 18, 2017  | person DrüMünkey
As AB3 is a totally new app, I wonder if you could run AB2 and AB3 at the same time? And what could you do with a set up like that...?
March 18, 2017  | person_outline Simon
How are people using AudioBus these days? With AU support in iOS DAW's, I'm just not sure how useful it is anymore... especially once more instruments and effects are released as AU's. The built in mixer's cool, but personally I don't like managing several apps via double-tapping the home button
March 19, 2017  | person_outline Kerm
The devil is in the details here.
Can't wait for this rolling out, I am wearing the party hat for so long now.
This will obviously push the platform forward.
In 3 month is WWDC, let's see what apple has in the bag for iOS 11 on iPads, they have been slacking off with iOS 10.
March 19, 2017  | person lala
Interesting. Good to see AU incorporated. Will definitely keep an eye on AB3. Just not sure, yet anyway, that I would personally use what AB3 offers as opposed to what I can already do with AUM. To answer the question from the contributor who asked what folk use AB for these days, for me it is purely those apps I use that feature state-saving under AB.
March 19, 2017  | person Zen
A few comments above about Aum.
I'm a haven't used either or AB or Aum.

I wonder is AB3 will make Aum obsolete ot ... ?
What platform will be better for a new learner like me - AB/3 or Aum ?

* There's another app soecifically for MIDI matrix mapping which I cannot remember the name of.
Does anybody know or have experience with it ?
March 19, 2017  | person_outline Mike
On March 19, 2017 - @Mike said:
A few comments above about Aum.
I'm a haven't used either or AB or Aum.

I wonder is AB3 will make Aum obsolete ot ... ?
What platform will be better for a new learner like me - AB/3 or Aum ?

* There's another app soecifically for MIDI matrix mapping which I cannot remember the name of.
Does anybody know or have experience with it ?

... And how do AB & Aum compare with InterAppAudio?

March 19, 2017  | person_outline Mike
I can't answer your first question, though my bet is AB will be easier to use, I'm too close to Sebastian to be impartial. I can answer your second though!

On March 19, 2017 - @Mike said:
... And how do AB & Aum compare with InterAppAudio?
Inter-app Audio is the means by which AB and AUM have done their magic. It is the underlying technology, and not a competing standard.

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