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More Korg Gadget for Mac Details

The official Korg site now has a price and release date for the upcoming Mac version of Korg Gadget! Available this month on the 28th, you'll be able to buy the new app at an introductory price of $199 (retail $299).

That is a whole bunch of money, and there is no mention of discounting that price for customers who have already invested heavily into the iOS version. For comparison, you could buy Logic Pro X for $199.

On iOS the price breaks down as follows:

  • $40 - Korg Gadget
  • $10 - Bilbao
  • $10 - Abu Dhabi
  • $15 - Kamata
  • $15 - Gladstone
  • $15 - Madrid
  • $30 - Module
  • $30 - Lexington (ODDYSEi)
  • $35 - Milpitas (Wavestation)

All of that comes out to exactly $200. So the sale price on this is fair, but damn... That is a lot more money to shell out, if you've already spent the same $200 on iOS.

The website notes that the iOS version will be getting the new audio recorder gadget on the 28th as well.

In addition, KORG Gadget for iOS version 3 will also be available February 28 and features the long-awaited Audio Track recording and playback. These gadgets elevate KORG Gadget into the realm of a true all-in-one production studio.

Reader Comments 26

I think your point Tim about Logic X for the same price, is spot on. $199 for the Mac version? Silly pricing.
February 08, 2017  | person_outline tom_tm
Hmm. At this price, with no discount for those of us who've handed over money for all the iOS extras, I'll pass. Ableton starts to look more attractive!
February 08, 2017  | person_outline Ian Sainsbury
I'm pretty sure I bought both Gadget and those IAPs on discount every time. I would probably put the total cost of iOS Gadget at about half. Plus you probably lose some workflow going from touchscreen to mouse. Either way desktop Gadget seems overpriced for me. Part of the appeal of Gadget for me was being able to tweak the synths and play the scale keyboards without a midi controller. I ended up buying a one of those new Nanokey Studio controllers, but honestly for me, it didn't add that much to the workflow vs using the ipad by itself.
February 08, 2017  | person_outline Gary
This seems less likely to do well on that platform with this pricing scheme. Why don't they just do IAP's like they did with iOS? They could charge $150 with the core gadgets and let the user upgrade at their own pace. I found that option quite useful on a budget.
February 08, 2017  | person_outline feastoftones
For people who like those specific gadgets, and already find the iOS version indispensable, then I could see a $199 price working for some people.

In MOTU's DP, I can do everything imaginable in terms of MIDI composition, and almost everything I need in terms of audio (need a vocoder, better pitch & time, but otherwise great). And nothing I've ever used on Mac OS or iOS comes close. As for synths, a combo of Pianoteq, Kontakt, Dune 2 (!!), Rhino, Chromaphone, and Reaktor, I've got it mostly covered. Would like a better orchestral library.

My point is, I'd MUCH rather put together the pieces of what I need from wider sources then a best of gadget, anyway. Of course, the above cost me MUCH MUCH more, but it's pretty complete.
February 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
You have to remember that with the desktop version you do get the gadgets as AU plugins (which you don't get with the iOS version) so you're buying a suite of diverse AU plugins, that have their own DAW ecosystem - which is pretty interesting, as the only thing I know from experience that works like that is the 'Ozone Pro' version whereby all the processors are provided as individual plugins also, which I love (as they're really good) but I'm a huge fan of Izotope anyway (as I am Korg)!

I just think what ever they charged was always going to be a shock to the iOS community (and I don't think it's unreasonable myself) but I've payed desktop prices before (I own Cubase Pro 9 etc) the reality is that we're spoiled on iOS with insanely low prices for professional tools, where the developers get a fraction of what they'd earn in the desktop world. When the poles are reversed it seems insane; but really it just illustrates how lucky we are on iOS! In that sense I feel for the developers but also love that it makes music really accessible to a wide user group (and that it provides independent developers with a voice and a creative canvas to express themselves etc)!

I'm pretty sure lots of people here would love to get this (especially if you're big fans of it on iOS) but it's going to be a substantial investment compared to the usual casual purchases on iOS (and then some)! I'm only just catching up with today's posts but I assume there's no discount or anything (which a lot of users hoped for)? Perhaps Korg might be trying to appeal to a new user group on the desktop (as well as existing users on iOS) through the proliferation of their 'gadgets' via the AU plugin architecture too, but I guess we'll have to see how it develops over the coming months!

It's never too late for an incentive for iOS users though (you might be surprised yets) it depends on the reception, they might decide to encourage users on iOS with a little 'Easter Egg' or something at some stage (to make it more accessible for those willing to bite) but I'll be interested to see how it's received regardless! Even if its out of reach for many you've still got your awesome iOS version and there some exciting new features on the horizon that you've all been waiting for (for a long time) so don't be sad (positive vibes to you all) you'll get your gadget fix regardless soon enough! :)
February 08, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
The big news on this release is that it will be sold on Korg's own store, not the Apple store.

I wonder what that will mean for users? Will we get free updates forever as we do on the Apple store? Or will we have to pay more for a version that runs on later OS releases? What if the Korg store closes down - can we restore our software? Do we trust the Korg store with our credit card details? Do I really want to deal with yet another online store for just one piece of software? etc.....
February 08, 2017  | person_outline Simon
Yeah, I'm not buying it for that price. iOS users deserve a steep discount, otherwise it is like being encouraged to buy everything you owned on LP again on CD then again on mp3. ;) Nope nope nope.
February 09, 2017  | person daveknapik
I think I paid $400 or so for both Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live--and more again for Rack Extensions, Max for Live, and VST plugins. So, the $200 discounted price seems reasonable, but I would be unlikely to spend $300 if I miss the introductory sale. The tempting part for me is that I could work on my projects at my desktop and then, with iCloud, seamlessly pick them up again on iPad and iPhone while mobile. And I wonder about all my IAPs in Module, for instance. Will I have access to those instruments in the desktop version, or will I have to purchase them again? I think if you include the IAPs, I'm into the iOS version of Gadget for a lot of money. If the desktop version supports Rewire as a master and VST plugins, that would be cool, but would nix the portability when they were used.
The other big question is: will the audio record facility be free in the iOS version or will it be an IAP?

Anyone know?
February 09, 2017  | person_outline Simon
Firstly I dunt own a MAC and I will never own a mac because I loves overclocking and I don't like OSX. I do love Gadget on iPad though so new modules will be great.

The pricing reflects what I've been saying all along.. I use IOS so I don't have to pay hundreds per synth (don't bother telling me about all the free VST I can get). Ableton costs hundreds...

However... I get on so well with Gadget on IOS that I for one wooden mind paying the cost of the PC version. I'd never run out of processing power for gadget on PC. Gadget ios is already pushed beyond my ipad air 2 processing with the music I make.

February 09, 2017  | person grammatonfeather
On February 09, 2017 - @Simon said:
The other big question is: will the audio record facility be free in the iOS version or will it be an IAP?

Anyone know?

Someone knows... we just have to locate them and offer a bribe for them to disclose that info.
February 09, 2017  | person grammatonfeather
Hey Tim,
Thanks for this breakdown, but there's more $ involved in iOS Gadget: Darwin..$30 + IAP, (forgot how much there, $20?) and the Module IAP ($50?). Lexington IAP $15? All in with IAP the deal is closer to $300...which for some reason bums me out, makes me feel like a junky for ponying up all those samolians...
@Littlewoodg: Ahh... you're right. I wish Apple made it easier to keep track of IAPs.

So this brings up an interesting question. If the iOS version is $300, does that make the macOS version a good deal at $200?
Good question...the spending in 30 dollar increments thing makes me feel kinda gross actually and pushes me back towards my Surface Pro 3 where I already have Bitwig and FL 12 (and the cross platform stuff like SunVox and Caustic). I guess my issue is I don't really dig Ableton or Gadget, though I wanted to....
@Littlewoodg: Ah yeah, Bitwig needs to support Ableton Export. ;)
Haha...no, and heres why
First, gadget is a good app with nice focussed workflow, but i hate the seqencer...not a fan of starting on the 1 always.
Second, gadget repeats romplers alot so stuff like amsterdamn is a damn shame really...not buying it again.
Thirdly, pricing your application higher than the premeir application for recording on osx is kinda not smart like...in no way would i ever buy gadget for 299 over lpx for 199?! Alchemy alone destroys any gadget in your fold, plus i already own all this stuff on ipad with a touch screen where it is portable and makes more sense! Sorry that was fourthly too😜

Almost Lastly, this means your gonna be pokemonnin for gadgets on 2 platforms now, meaning if you buy this gadget on osx you get it on ios too...making you buy both and so on (this will be the case, as well it has so far)

Now lastly, if gadget is worth 300 bucks why do i use it to be a portable scratchpad to create ideas to finish when i get back to LPX my actual DAW? That was cheaper and way way way moe betta?

Im done, way too high never doing it
February 09, 2017  | person_outline Tik777
wow - seeing all the money I have spent on Gadgets laid out like that is a bit sobering!
I've only spent on Gadget during 50% sales. This price is prohibitive for impulse buying. The introductory price should be the maximum price ever. I agree that the plugin capability makes the price more understandable, though.
February 09, 2017  | person dysamoria
@pantsofdeath: And yet you keep bellying up to the bar. Have another one on me, mate.
Since Korg Gadget made me pretty happy & productive in the last years and I like how they push the software forward, I think it´s not too pricey for such a "complete" package.
On the other hand I´m asking myself, why I should buy the Mac-Version, since I´m pretty happy with the iOS-package... Hmmm...
February 10, 2017  | person_outline guesstwo
300 USD may seem expensive compared to logic. But what you get for that money is not only a daw, you get 30 plug-ins you can use in your favourite daw. That's 10 USD per plug-in. Compared to standard prices for plug-ins, that's more than fair.

And, hey... that moment you bought your Mac (like me), you already bought a (really!) overpriced piece of hardware... without moaning, I assume ;)
February 10, 2017  | person_outline CloudSounds
My problem with this is not the cost, it's that it's not being sold through Apples App Store. Why should that matter? Well, read on.

First off what sort of devisive copy protection mechanisms will it have? I'm all for software houses protecting their products, but IME the way this is executed more often than not provides so many problems to the end user that you end up wondering why you bought the damned software in the first place.

Secondly I've bought a number of bits of Korg hardware, which often come with bit of software from Korg. The configuration software is no problem, but the little extra bits such as the limited versions of some synth require an activaton code. To this day I've never successfully activated a Korg plug in, or piece of software requiring an activation code. All that happens when I try is that I continually get redirected to Korgs German website's front page.

Quite frankly I'm not up to spending 2 or 3 hundred bucks just to get a download that can't be used.

Basically I have no confidence in Korgs desktop/laptop software.
February 10, 2017  | person Slaphead
Maybe I was lucky, but I never experienced the described problems with my KORG software.

Most of the professional audio software I bought, has not been purchased through the Mac App store (NI Komplete Ultimate, Maschine, Ableton Live, Reason and some stuff from IK Multimedia, iZotope and UVI) and I think, that these aren't even available in the Mac App store.

So, KORG uses a common way to distribute their software. The question "What happens to my licensed software, if a developer "disappears"?" is a general problem and not KORG specific (which surely bothers me too). On the other hand: If you want to rely only on software sold on the Mac App Store, there will be a lot of good stuff you'll be missing.

But even on the Mac App Store you won't have a guarantee, that your software will be available / downloadable forever. Remember Camel Audio's Alchemy for iOS? After Apple bought that company, Alchemy disappeared completely from the App Store. No chance to re-download it and no chance to restore the iAPs on which I spent more than 100 bucks... Meanwhile they have fixed that! Another example are the 32bit only apps... will they be available for re-download after iOS 11 or are they lost forever?
February 13, 2017  | person_outline CloudSounds
Korg still sell their Legacy Collection plugins on their store for Mac and Windows. My guess is that they plan to release it for Windows later so tying it to the MAS makes no sense. So it will probably use the same C/R scheme. I've been using the Legacy Collection for a few years now and have never had a problem with it. I haven't even had to reactivate it when I upgraded macOS.

Also the MAS doesn't guarantee free updates forever. If the app is resubmitted as a new version, you have to buy it again. Even Apple did this with Mainstage. I bought MS2 but I have to buy MS3 if I want it.
February 13, 2017  | person_outline Bob
I was ready to grab the IAP this morning. Whatever the arguments above, adding sampler and amp to Gadget is going to be value for money. Just saw the announcement on Korg. Last night's release was bumped to late March due to quality issues.
March 01, 2017  | person Paul

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