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Hank Astral - Loop Holes

Reader Hank Astral has released an album of his Gadget tracks! You may recall his Gadget tutorial from last July, where he showed us how he develops a song out of a loop. If you do that enough times you get an album called Loop Holes. The album explores several sub-genres, but stays electronic. I loved Blessed Frame and Silent Square. Embedded below are videos of Hank performing each of the tracks.

Loop Holes: £7

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I have just bought the album and downloaded it. I've got a long drive tonight and so looking forward to listening to this in the car.
Have always loved 'Blessed Frame' and 'Silent square' but also really liking
'Circle & Squares' and 'Official stick'. There is so much breadth here - really inspiring to see what can be done with just an iPAD and one app.


February 08, 2017  | person_outline imogen
So I have been listening to (and trying to write!) electronic music for the past 20 years. Hank Astral - parts of this album are truly magnificent. Take the rising strings on Fantasy Platformer - beautiful! or when the arpeggio tightens in defense of mars - really exciting especially with the video. Japan Tender is growing on me also.

not sure about Starbuck and Noble drive - bit obvious?

Overall though what a great piece of work. Hope you make more!
February 08, 2017  | person_outline ryan swales
imogen & Ryan - thanks for the really generous comments!!
February 08, 2017  | person hank astral
Hank, your album is superb. I was in demand one year ago of you making an album, when I saw your great videos on YouTube. And you made it! :D
To me your are one of the very very few iOS music producers capable to arrange songs with soul (expressive chords, deep rythms, emotive patterns, etc) instead of endless bad sounding live loops.
Bravo Sir 👏🏼
February 09, 2017  | person_outline Matt
Reminds me of E.S. Posthumus. Pretty cool.
February 09, 2017  | person fauxfreshness
Nice work, Hank. Some really cool tunes on this album.

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