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Impulse Responses for Guitar on iPad

Adam Steele from Hop Pole Studios did a detailed tutorial on incorporating Impulse Responses into a guitar signal chain with Bias FX, using Fiddlicator in Audiobus.

Video Description:

In today's episode, we've found an app and a way to use Impulse Responses on the iPad. We're using BIAS FX by Positive Grid, and turning off the Cabinet emulation, using Audiobus to patch the sound through (using Cubasis to record the audio so I could put it directly in the video) to an app I found called Fiddlicator.

The IR used in the video is the free one from Celestion - their Vintage 30 Cenzo Townsend Mix - it's quite roomy and would fit well in a mix. Link here:- https://www.celestionplus.com/free-do...

I'm Adam Steel, and I run Hop Pole Studios in Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester, England. Check out http://www.hoppolestudio.co.uk for info on Mixing, Mastering, Recording services and Guitar Reamping, amongst many other things.

Please consider helping us out through Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/HopPoleStudios

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Reader Comments 5

I love that you post these interesting things from some random dude in England, there's been some great stuff on guitar sounds! I've always wondered how much actual latency patching things through technologies like IAA, AudioBus, AUX etc has on the actual signal path (and how more and more apps running simultaneously affects this further etc) but I guess with iOS being such a closed system it's difficult to tell as an end user with few references (perhaps Xcode developer tools provide said data/stats to those magicians as they chant into their cauldrons)! Still it would be interesting if there was a 'lite' end user analytical tool/app that you could run on iOS that could give you a HUD/overlay representation of what each node is doing/contributing (useful for people planning live performances etc) but I'm unsure if the API would allow for it (with everything being sandboxed)? An analytical tool showing audio performance on your target device might be a potential candidate for @stubs 'apps that don't exist but should' thread in the discchord forum!

PS: Incidentally I always wondered if you can run impulse responses from guitar cabs in Igor Vasilievs 'AltiSpace' to process incoming audio (aside from reverbs) never tried just wondered if you could seen as though that's why Adam chose the fiddle App? Perhaps this might result in a new type of reverb... or then it could just explode your iDevice in a shower of sparks! Just an after thought anyway (anyone tried it)?
February 01, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
Hi CK!

I found a review online of AltiSpace and it looks like you can:

"The settings page allows the building blocks of convolution – impulse responses (IRs) to be imported. There are tens of thousands of IRs out on the net, emulating every reverb unit ever made and pretty much any space that can be conceived. On importation, Altispace will convert the IR to its own system and then allow to be used the same way as any other preset. It’s simple and works brilliantly and I tried a number of imported IRs, all of which worked perfectly."

I don't own AltiSpace, so I couldn't try it out, but it sounds as though it will work perfectly.

Also, with regards to latency, you can use Fiddlicator as an IAA unit within all sorts of apps — including BiasFX and ToneStack. I LOVE it — and it's FREE, just like a huge number of guitar cabinet IRs.
February 02, 2017  | person_outline Scott
Hi Scott, wow that awesome news, thanks for the advice! I'll have to grab some guitar cab IR's sometime and have a play as I'm a BIAS FX user too (crazy good)! I have to say I love 'AltiSpace' too, very immaculate and sounds utterly amazing. I'm aware that you can import IR's but I never have as yet because the ones that it comes are just so good (and there's so many to choose from)! It's really nice that's there's such good quality support for guitars on iOS as well. There's some great sounding apps each with a unique flavour and their own way of doing things to cater for different tones etc! And now you can throw your own choice of guitar cab into the mix as well - extremely cool! :)
February 02, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
Be sure to sample a single cab IR from a site first to check the quality. Some are loaded with bad free IRs, so down waste your time downloading a ton of bad ones from a site.

Also, I haven't downloaded any yet, but I understand there are also some really great guitar amplifier IRs. That is a project for another day — along with searching for reverb IRs of the Straymon Timeline. It's a reverb pedal that YouTube stars Dan & Mick use all the time on "That Pedal Show."
February 02, 2017  | person_outline Scott
Oooops, that's STRYMON Timeline:

"The Strymon TimeLine's lush and inspiring delays and simple control layout may make you want to leave your valuable and vintage pedals at home. The TimeLine features 12 delay machines with dedicated hardware controls for real-time tweaking, along with 200 factory presets"
February 02, 2017  | person_outline Scott

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