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New Year's Predictions 2017

Happy New Year everyone! If you can read this, you survived what has been an hellacious year.


Now let's all sincerely hope 2017 is better. This seems like a vain effort with the way global political events are unfolding, but I'm a terminal optimist. I'd rather face certain doom with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

In the spirit of optimism, let's assume there will be anyone left to read the site in 2018; as we continue our annual tradition of predictions for the coming year. But first let's look at our predictions for 2016.

Successful Predictions:

Red Sky Lullaby started off strong with his prediction of Ableton Link becoming prevalent throughout the app world, but his further prediction of BeatMaker 3's arrival was a miss.

tGiG got quite a lot wrong in his predictions, but ended with a surprisingly prescient prediction in that iOS 10, "will NOT absolutely devastate the iOS music community, for once!" As iOS updates go, 10 was pretty minimal, but I'm calling this a success because it was certainly the least devastating so far.

Littlewoodg predicted that the music app community would continue to ignore Android. He also mentioned a specific app for Android a few times, but I ignored it. Success!

Steve, aka Frozen Lonesome, predicted he'd get an iPad Pro to finally run Auria Pro. I emailed him this morning to find out if this was an accurate prediction. He did both of these things in September!

Crème Douche took a stab in the dark at, "Something new from Moog?" He goes on to explore some kind of modular synthesizer scenario. While not exactly as he described it, this is perhaps the most successful prediction thanks to Moog's release of Model 15 in May. Matt also predicted a synth app from Moog.

Prediction Fails

Fran_K predicted an overhaul to the App Store, where shit apps would be relegated to their own category, so they wouldn't pollute searches. While a nice idea, there has been no change whatsoever to the App Store categories. It's still a mess, and they seem unwilling to make any changes.

Heretik7 had a series of failed predictions in his comment; including BeatMaker 3, Apple bringing back Alchemy Mobile for everyone, and Propellerheads releasing a Reason Mobile to take advantage of iPad Pro hardware.

Nonny Moose incorrectly predicted 2016 would see the release of the now long-awaited NanoStudio 2!

Similarly Lacm1993 expected Audiobus 3 in 2016, which seemed like a safe bet at the time.

What's coming in 2017?

Last year I predicted we'd see large music manufacturers making a bigger shift to iOS, beyond simple editors. While this one definitely fits into the fails, I'm sticking to my guns. The reasoning is sound. Last year I said:

"I think at this point music apps have reached maturity; we've all seen that this is not a fad. It's time for the bigger, slower moving, companies to take it very seriously!"

This remains true. We're just waiting for those companies to realize it. I guess it will take them a while...

My prediction for 2017 is based on what I've been noticing lately as a trend within the community. I expect in 2017 we're going to see a lot more personalities pop up on YouTube bringing us well produced content. For most of 2015 and 2016 if you wanted to watch a video for an app you were almost entirely limited to seeing those videos from Doug, Jakob, or myself. Lately we've been seeing more and more people try their hand at videos. Very few of those are of the quality you've come to expect, but remember that all 3 of us sucked when we started. Our first videos were all awful. It took nearly a year before Doug would even record his videos with direct app audio, and my first year was marred with horrible video quality problems. I think these guys experimenting and dipping their toes into iOS videos today are going to blow us away in 2017!

Open Mic: New Year's Predictions for 2017!

The year Two Thousand and Seventeen sounds like some pretty far off future, but here it is. What do you predict we'll see in the coming year of our high-tech future?

Reader Comments 12

Egad! I'm no fortune teller hahahaha

BM3 will see the light in 2017

I've given up hope on propeller heads doing anything mobile...even updating Thor!

I don't have no idea what's going on with nanostudio2, but just seems like it's not happening very quickly at the moment.

I'm very sad Apple hasn't rereleased Alchemy Mobile...but if you are reading this apple, please do with better sample import/sampling....and more tracks than 4? 8 will be great! Since you have the engine smoother.

Things I would love to see...
Korg gadgets more more more, stemming of individual drums in gadget, linear sequencing alongside the pattern sequencing...for doing leads and shit that don't start on the 1?

I'd like to see a Mega Powerful sampler come to the iOS workflow....something with melodyne like note splitting in loops, pitch, time, formant, and a great editor that works with Sfz and sf

Everybody needs to get their synths/samplers, and effects in the AU3 boat as this is much better for people that have AU capability vs shitty iaa, and wonky audiobus.

I'd like to see samplr get a tighter sequencer, same for thumb jam- both of these would benefit with a tighter sequencer...at the present they are iffy at best

Blocs wave needs more features...it's a highly creative app, that if better would be super groovy!

Last but definitely not least... Happy New Years to everyone!
And may Tim get rich this year! Or at least mostly wealthy =)
Discchord is a great website!

January 02, 2017  | person_outline Heretik7
@Heretik7, a big fat +1 on BM3 (hopefully!), and also for seeing a mega powerful sampler come to iOS (perhaps, the former will answer the latter?). Even if Apple would somehow port the EXS24 as an AU, well that would take care of quite a bit, as long as they allow us to manage and import to the library.

Despite their workflow issuse, both Molten and DrumPerfect offer the ability to divide any beats freely. Would like to see more developers offer more fluidity with the steps-per-beat ratio. Would love to see DM-1 and DM-2 adopt this (they have a nice work flow).

Would love it it Patterning would provide a CYCLE DURATION for DIVIDE MODE-- not everything in the universe is based on 4 beats.

How many synths provide the ability to use alternate tuning systems? Z3ta+ is one. Any others? Would like to see more of that.

Would also like to see a physical modeling synth that does brass, woodwinds.

January 02, 2017  | favorite_border stub
I'm going with BM3 arrival (again)
An update to Samplr
More iOS Daws integrating Link
Further domination of Audio Unit format and ports of some desktop AUs
Yo Yo sale/regular price/sale app pricing will sadly not be overcome in 2017
I will continue make more wierd bleepy blurp sounds than actual finished music
January 02, 2017  | person RedSkyLullaby
Obama and Teenage Engineering will team up to create a new synthesizer/sampler/midi controller that is powered by brain waves. They call it OB-1.

Sadly, the collapse of the E.U. will interfere with production and drive Teenage Engineering out of business. After OB-1 is struck down it reemerges more powerful than we could ever imagine by being purchased by Apple. Apple integrates its brain wave technology into a brand new iPad Know that operates completely by thought alone.

The iOS music community welcomes a new age in creativity as everyone is able to finally complete hundreds of unfinished 10 second loops using the power of the mind. Sadly, what is heralded as a new revolution quickly goes sour when hackers use their hacking know how to hack into peoples' mind and steal the music before it is even created. Those hacks!

Before we know it the whole world is embroiled in law suits because everyone is being sued for being themselves 10 seconds after being themselves was copyrighted by someone else. Eventually, everyone is sued into submission and leave Siri to talk for them for fear of further copyright infringement and financial ruin.

Oh, also, BM3, something from Korg, and nothing useful for the Apple Watch.

January 02, 2017  | person DulceVida
I am predicting that Korg will update all of their classic apps with Ableton link, just like they said they would.
Cubase will also implement Ableton Link, just to prevent Ableton itself to steal all focus when they will release Ableton mobile for Android and iOS. That will be the great hit for 2017.
And of course Tim will make an Italo hit with his let's play with Korg's iWavestation vid.
January 02, 2017  | favorite_border Erik
I was totally wrong about not getting schlonged. I'm not sure I want to predict anything; the future is very cloudy to me right now. We've got some app releases planned that I think are going to be pretty cool (a Power Trio project is looking very fun), but I'm not the optimist that I was a year ago.
Nick Batt will continue to be unable to ask a concise question free of labyrinthine explorations of possible answers before the queried guest has a chance of answering for himself on Sonic Talk; at least one guest will need the question repeated after getting lost along the way.

M-Audio won't bring Venom to iOS.

Jakob Haq will love every synth he reviews.

Nave and Attack will continue to languish.

Tim Cook will force yet another stupid "innovation" on his customers.

(Nick, if you're reading this--just ribbing ya! Tim, if you're reading this--I'm dead serious.)
January 03, 2017  | person_outline Blaaaarghonaut
LOL, I've been trying not to comment in here because it makes it harder for me to go through these next year if there is a lot of off-topic comments. But that was pretty damn funny, Blaaaarghonaut.

Be nice to Nick, he's my spiritual and hair adviser.
Korg seem to really know what they're doing with iOS releases. I'd love to see a gadget for the iElectribe. Kind of feels weird for some Korg apps not to be implemented into Gadget now.

I'm predicting either a Korg iProphecy or iZ1. That would be very nice indeed. I'm a big fan of Sugarbytes stuff too, so Factory would be lovely to see. I think we'll see Arturia bring across their version of the Yamaha CS-80 app too.

It's also about time Roland and Yamaha got serious about bringing stuff over to iOS.
January 03, 2017  | person_outline Rob Fenn
re: Yet another year waiting for NS2 - honestly at this point I don't think it's gonna happen, at least not explicitly as "Blip Interactive's Nanostudio". It'll probably get sold or licensed to someone else (a la Xewton > FLStudio), hopefully not to someone shitty like Retronyms though. Too bad.

@SecretBaseDesign - bummed to hear the prognosis but tend to agree from the user side. I think iOS plateaued a couple years ago in this department.

Would love to see Reaper ported to a mobile environment.

Maybe Microsoft wants to extend some of that Surface Studio love to musicians too.

January 03, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
@Tim Webb:
Nah, Nick's a good guy, I wouldn't do that mean spiritedly. And he's also quite skilled in both equipment and keeping discussions flowing, despite my teasing. I actually found this site through Sonic Talk back when you were a guest there. And fortunately, they have Gaz, who has enough hair to make up for you, Nick, Rich, AND Ty!

@Nonny Moose:
If Microsoft can actually find its collective ass with both hands, it might stand a chance. They do have good devs there, it's the head of the beast that's floundering about trying desperately to stay relevant. The Surface Studio was a surprisingly canny move, though I haven't kept up enough to find out how successful it was. Cook could've done some interesting things in return, but he's also still trying to figure out how to emulate Apple's success. :P

Back somewhat more on-topic, I could certainly hope for more widespread Ableton Link and AU implementation, and more of Korg's existing apps Gadgetified, but I'm not confident enough to make a prediction on any of those. I'm not even ready to make predictions on Apple remembering how much of their customer base is creative types considering their proudest achievement in iOS10 has been "We're just like Telegram! Look mommy, I'm innovating!" I am pretty sure Korg will come out with something pretty cool though, seeing as how they've been on a roll for a while now. I think the Monotribe was their only real stumble in this streak of real and virtual analog revival. I'm also sure Apple's going to keep pushing emojis and stickers ad nauseam.
January 04, 2017  | person_outline Blaaaarghonaut
Yeah, sad to say I was mostly wrong on that App Store thing. They have made a tiny bit of noise and have done a little bit of cosmetic work but they have avoided the heavy lifting needed. They've changes some rules about what is acceptable. I have an app whose name is now two characters too long, so I have to make a new build just to fix that. But months have passed and they have not enforced it yet.

Well, I still hope! They really need to do some work to get their services business in order, and the App Store is a disaster. They're really been dropping the ball for devs, Xcode is steadily regressing to a unusable piece of bloatware and the current crop of machines are not worth buying for development work. They seem to have decided that having millions of noob devs who are writing their first apps means that they are serving the dev community well. They are not. I'm hoping they get their focus this year, but am not predicting it at this time! :-)

Just think on the bright side, since it is impossible to find anything in the App Store by using it directly, it means that there is a great need for third parties to provide links to the good apps. About 95% of my purchases have come from AppShopper and Discchord. I've bought about 30+ music apps this past year and all of them came from reading things here, so smart people will be advertising here!
January 04, 2017  | person_outline Fran_K
I predict there might not be a better time than now to snag a Volca Sample (OK GO Edition that is). As of this posting, $109 at The Midi Store or their Amazon shop. The fifty buck difference from the regular Sample will buy a can of paint or a handful of stickers if you can't stand the OK GO graphics.

Of course last week when I bought mine I was sure they wouldn't go below $140 again. So, take my prediction for what it's worth ($0).
January 07, 2017  | person_outline a1

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