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Newzik - The Smartest Sheet Music Reader

Newzik is a new sheet music reader with collaborative features, and a hell of a lot of other features besides!

Newzik iTunes Description:

Newzik is the best app for musicians who want to read and manage their sheet music on their iPad or iPhone. To be ahead of the curve with the smartest sheet music reader that handles most standard formats (PDF, MusicXML, …), download Newzik now and discover all our features!

You will easily import all your scores into your iPad and organize them into playlists. In addition to supporting PDF or .txt files, Newzik is the best MusicXML reader. This format lets you customize your scores with incredible flexibility (smart zoom, 1-click transposition, parts selection, etc.). Unlike PDFs, your scores will be dynamic and alive.

You can also enjoy our homemade forum to share with the community.

Once your scores are in your library, you will annotate them with pencils, highlighters and musical notation stamps. Don’t forget to experience the new iPencil on an iPad Pro!

Because music is namely a matter of collaboration and teamwork, we developed two tailor-made features for music bands and orchestras.

  1. Collaborative Rehearsal - Thanks to the Collaborative Playlists© feature, share a playlist with your band. Each member will be able to add titles, create his own versions of any title, make annotations, and follow other member’s moves in real time! In short, this could be defined as the “Google Doc of Setlists”.
  2. Connected Performance - Thanks to the Band Mode©, connect iPads and/or iPhones together and synchronize page turn and title change on every device.

Smart Library Management

  • Import PDF, MusicXML and .txt scores but also audio and video files through your Dropbox, Google Drive or mailbox
  • Use our forum to share with the community
  • Import videos from Youtube
  • Write and edit lyrics and chords songs
  • Create multiple-file titles combining on the same screen display, audio & video files
  • Build different versions within a single title
  • Send your setlists via email
  • Save your whole digital library in the cloud and get access to it from every iPad or iPhone.

Professional Technical Features

  • Manage MusicXML scores: smart zoom, tracks selection, MIDI generation,…
  • Set your display preferences: chart or score
  • Transpose your scores and chords
  • Annotate your scores with homemade pencils, highlighters and musical notation stamps
  • Synchronize your scores with audio or video files and create “karaoke” versions
  • Set your tempo with our integrated metronome
  • Visualize the correct fingers position on a fret board or keyboard
  • Flip your pages with a Bluetooth foot pedal

Unique Collaborative Features

  • Collaborative playlists
  • Band Mode

Buy Newzik on iTunes: Freemium ($20 Unlock IAP)

There are special prices available for bands; depending on how many band members there are. Check iTunes for complete details on pricing. Here's a little promo video. There are a bunch of tutorials and other videos on their YouTube channel, including this less-informative but funnier American Jam Session.

Reader Comments 1

At an entry level, an app like this can easily do what it claims and be useful. However, at a professional level, if this app doesn't deliver, then it is worthless.

I'm kind of exhausted from all these different score readers, and each one is revolutionary. Now I'm beginning to feel like "revolutionary" means spinning around and around and around.

June 14, 2016  | person_outline stub

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