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Sonic Synth: FM Synthesizer

Sonic Synth is a new Universal iOS FM synth app with 3 oscillators and a unique interface. Unfortunately it does not support Audiobus/IAA. I spoke with the developer over the weekend and he does not have plans to add support for them either. He's considering AUX for hosting effects within the app.

Sonic Synth iTunes Description:

Sonic Synth is very capable FM Synthesizer app with 3 oscillators. Every oscillator is independent and can generate 4 wave forms. The app works with 44100 Hz sample rate so the sound quality is great.

The touch keyboard is very responsive and dynamic - feels like a real instrument. Keys are big enough.

The last wave form is our secret algorithm for string sound also generated by the oscillators.

Variety of sounds can be created and even changed real time while you are playing using the setting of the 3 oscillators of the synthesizer.

Sonic Synth main features:

  • 3 oscillators

  • 4 wave form types for every oscillator

  • volume, modulation, tone and detune for every oscillator

  • envelope filters (attack sustain release)

  • multitouch

  • fast and usable piano keyboard

You can now use your phone or tablet as a recording instrument.

Buy Sonic Synth: FM Synthesizer on iTunes: $2.99

Reader Comments 9

Why bother with no AB or IAA? There are plenty of very good FM synths available.

April 25, 2016  | person_outline anickt

With no AB, nor IAA its like thousands apps on the store that I will ignore (except for these comments).

And why would a developer make this statement? "You can now use your phone or tablet as a recording instrument" Really? I can now? Wait what year is it? 2009?

April 25, 2016  | person_outline Toz Bourne

can i send midi to it at least? doesnt seem like it, at least, by looking at the features.

April 25, 2016  | person_outline Petrov

Hmmm, did he check with IKMultimedia about the use of the name "Sonic Synth"? http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/soniksynth/index.php?pp=sonik-synth-2-info

Yes, he uses Sonic spelled with a "C" but that's really not enough for most IP lawyers.

April 25, 2016  | person_outline Graham

The IK Multimedia/Sonic Reality "Sonik Synth" ROMpler VST was my first thought, too. Sonik Synth was my very first plug-in instrument, when I got it way back in 2001 or 2002. It completely blew my mind that my PC could sound as good as my Roland JV-series workstation. I served with Sonik Synth, I knew Sonik Synth, Sonik Synth was a friend of mine. iOS app, you're no Sonik Synth. Though I do appreciate that you're universal! :)

April 25, 2016  | person_outline victor

44100 HZ rample rate = 44.1 KHz
= the standard rate for most audio apps right?

April 26, 2016  | person_outline MM

I would call it "a common rate".

I also agree with others here. If it doesn't AB or IAA or plug in via AU, I gots NO use for it, no matter what it sounds like.

April 26, 2016  | person_outline ZenLizard

I am the developer of this app.
As a guitar player I can not really get your AB or IAA cries :)
I use the app as an instrument to add bass or pads to my songs. I just connect the tablet into the line in of my recording gear and add my sounds ... If I need effects I usually add some real things on the recording chain. I don't even have MIDI keyboard :)

If many players want AB or IAA I may try to add these but you should understand that app like this makes about 5$ per day and after that one should pay taxes (these are not toys for the average iOS user). And this more like a hobby for a software developer.
So to put more work on a music app I usualy do it for the love of music (hateful comments do not help ).

April 26, 2016  | person_outline Alex

Speaking for myself, I hope you didn't think my comments were hateful, because I was just stating the truth, but the reality of the situation is that you are either making an app for the customers OR you are making the app your way for you and "to hell" with the customers. That is your prerogative, but it doesn't make much business sense.

Most of us don't want an app that fits your needs, we want apps that fit our needs. So you should expect to sell far fewer licences than you would if IAA or AudioBus were provided. Again, totally your call. I'm just sayin'... I do wish you as much sucess as possible.

April 26, 2016  | person_outline ZenLizard

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