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Discchord Needs You!

For the last 2 years discchord has been my primary source of income. And that's been awesome! Unfortunately at the start of this year several of my advertisers decided to end their campaigns. I've picked up a couple of new ones, thanks to Group the Loop and Navichord, but I'm still below where I was in December. Right now I'm just barely staying afloat.

I need to fill in the gaps and get new advertisers on board! Discchord still enjoys immense popularity in the music app community. As you can see in my metrics for the last 11 months, the site continues to get over 150,000 views every month!

If you have a music app, or some service relevant to the music app community, you should strongly consider advertising here! For the rest of this month I'm offering 25% off advertising; for the lifetime of the ad, cancel anytime. Just use coupon code APRILDCDEAL at checkout. This coupon will expire at the end of April.

If you have a non-music tech related product or service that you'd like to advertise, please get in touch with me. Advertising prices listed here reflect the targeted demographic of the site. I can discount that for advertisers that don't necessarily need to reach musicians, if the product or service is something that I want to advertise here. No bullshit please.

Everything on discchord remains uncensored. That has upset some large companies in the industry. It's unlikely that IK will ever cut me a check. The site has always been supported by quality developers, big and small, that are fearless of an uncensored news outlet! Thank you! I love bringing you the news everyday!

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I have nothing to advertise, but would like to contribute one day when funds allow (Do you even Patreon, bro?)

This is one of my favourite places on the internet, and it's always a little tough having to wait out the weekends. I also love the uncensored aspect - We get to be treated like adults while we play with our little toys

Thanks for everything!

April 15, 2016  | person_outline el-bo

Hey Tim, have you considered going with Patreon as a solution? It may or may not be the right thing for you but since your readers are likely willing to drop cash on all the new apps that come out they may be amenable to throwing a buck or two a month your way.

You do great work. Your site is one of the few of its kind that doesn't just rehash press releases and actually has insightful commentary on what it covers. Wish you the best of luck.

April 15, 2016  | person_outline S_V

I hadn't thought about setting up a Patreon campaign just for the site. That's an interesting idea, especially with the interest expressed here! I'll seriously consider this.

Http://www.patron.com/discchord has been there for a while.

April 15, 2016  | person_outline Complaint_dept

Just yesterday I was thinking why Discchord does not have a community forum. I think, surely with the amount of visitors to the site you report, a lot of visitors would love to join discussions on a forum that you host. Of course there are other sites like synthtopia, but who cares. Disschord is fucking uncensored! And more traffic = more advertising incentive = more revenue = more disschord.

April 15, 2016  | person_outline Erik

That Patreon is specifically for the Let's Play series, Complaint_dept. I only get paid when I release a video. I think the suggestion here is to do a different monthly, "Hey Tim, thanks for doing what you're doing. Keep doing it!"

@Erik: It's been suggested in the past, and I've resisted it... but by a weird coincidence, just this week I've been reconsidering it. I've been brushing up on Python, a fun and elegant programming language, and learning all of the latest web development technologies that have come out in the last few years (Angular, Flask, Google Material). I'm amazed at the stuff I can do, at least in the small-scale.

I'm strongly considering moving the site from Squarespace so that I can do my own thing; like forums, but mostly because I have an idea for bringing back the iPad Music App Buyer's guide that requires some serious database integration. Making my own site from scratch is a very long term project though. And it has a major downside that makes me hesitant to pursue... Right now the site never dies, and always loads fast, because Squarespace is rock solid. There's no way I could roll-my-own with the redundancy and speed of Squarespace's network.

Maybe you could look at how some game focused sites are structured and based, like toucharcade. really app centric, but I think a mostly different userbase. Active forums though!

April 15, 2016  | person_outline Erik

Hey Tim
Dumb question: Is this your main job? Dischord Blog or do you work also something other? I work on my website, create a lot of videos without any financial thing. I don't have any adverts on my website. Only for SuperBooth, It was good to get a little sponsor for it. It's a personal reason why I don't use but ye I want also use Patreon but it is not the easiest one.

Adverts are the easiest way to collect money

April 15, 2016  | person_outline Tom

Yup, this is my main job these days. I used to own a dog walking company, which was surprisingly lucrative in my area. Unfortunately it began to fail in 2008 when we entered the recession. When I started the site I was still doing the dog walking for a couple of years. I stopped trying to grow that business though, so I could focus on the music apps stuff. It is almost exactly 2 years now since my last dog walking client moved away. In that time I've been relying on multiple revenue streams from the site. Advertising, iTunes affiliate links, Patreon, Beta Testing, and occasionally some consulting; in that order.

All tolled I don't make a lot of money. I make less than an American school teacher, and we pay school teachers a shamefully small salary. Fortunately I don't need a lot of money, so I have been able to just keep doing this and having fun!

You have been good to me brotha, sign me up for the $199 slot

April 16, 2016  | person_outline Jason

I would suggest you set up your own site, but on a known platform instead of rolling your own. There are plenty out there that are both good, secure and efficient. Above all, you have the support of a community that can help out if something goes wrong. That is true in particular when it comes to forum software, which would take forever to even get to a "decent" state if you start programming it yourself. Even the "big names" have some serious flaws in their software (ever tried the search on AB Forums?).

Several of the forum software are of course different from the blog part, but there are some that allow for integration between the two, making it easier to write an article which also creates a thread in the forum, and if someone posts a comment that actually gets saved into the forum as well as being able to be seen on the article page (that is good as some might not join forums habitually, but still like to comment, whereas others ask for the community feel...that would please both camps).

I quite like Discourse for forums of late. https://www.discourse.org/

As for the blogging platform it is more about what coding languages you feel the most confident in, so you can do quick/small changes yourself. That'll also help you to choose a host. The only I would say for sure is to not go for any of the "unlimited traffic and storage for $3.99!" hosts, as they are always crap and have other limitations, apart from being "shared" hosting.

I have done several set-ups on for example Digital Ocean, which do "real" virtual servers that you can configure yourself, connected to Cloudflare as a CDN for handling traffic distribution globally and removing load from the site. I can tell you more about it if you'd be interested in any of it, or if you need to test ideas on someone.

April 16, 2016  | person_outline AyePad

This is the first place when I want to find something new in IOS Music.
And I buy a lot of apps that I find from here.

April 16, 2016  | person_outline tanjaree

Hi Tim,

You and your site are indeed a wonderful resource, and I hope you find a way to let readers make a financial contribution to your well being.

I was wondering: Likely over 90% of my ios music app purchases are made after reading about the app on your site. Do you get a commission if one makes a purchase via your link? If not, is there a way to set that up, either with the app developer, or maybe through an apple-supplied mechanism?


April 16, 2016  | person_outline paulR

@Tim Sorry about your situation. I didn't react sooner because i'm busy finishing editing the report. I think setting up a Patreon different from the Let's Play one is a good idea. We know that they take a cut that we agree is a problem for many. But a necessary evil may be difficult to avoid in such a situation.

Working on the report on mobile music made think deep and hard about the business models in our ecosystem. Beyond the loss of some advertisers, it's become obvious that advertising is not the way to go. Many reasons to that: the explosion of content (mostly free) on many platforms that are themselves growing at a pace that cut into the value of the eyeballs the advertising is supposed to monetise. Besides, the decision by Apple to allow adblocking apps on its platform has made nearly impossible for players like yourself to generate revenue on mobile - which is where the eyeballs are. New business models are being imagined. But few of them are advisable for Discchord. For instance, content marketing & co-branding may not be the way to go for some advertisers who'd rather tightly control their blogging partners. But Discchord thrives on its free speech ethos.

Allow me to get back to you by other (more private) channels in a few days to discuss alternatives. But of course, i'll be more than willing to contribute once your new Patreon is set up. Cheers from Flatland.

April 16, 2016  | person_outline klx

FWIW (as I, too, have nothing to advertise) I really like the way your site remains independent and uncensored. I do the app-buying via affiliate links when I can, but I imagine that's gonna be pretty small change. I'd certainly consider chipping in on a Patreon to keep things going.

April 16, 2016  | person_outline milko

@AyePad: I'm thinking of a mix of my own code on a solid server infrastructure. This site is unique, so a regular CMS for a blog won't feel like much of an upgrade from what I'm on right now with Squarespace. If I'm gonna do it, it's gonna be a whole big deal! Thanks for the tip on Cloudflare!

@paulR: Yes! I get a commission on app sales that are generated through links here. Apple takes their 30% of all sales, and I get a small portion of that. (I think I'm explicitly prohibited from mentioning the exact amount... but it's less than 10% and more than 5%.)

@klk: I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

@milko: I'm surprised by the generous offers to Patreon support the site alone! I'm becoming increasingly interested in pursuing that. I'm gonna keep thinking about it over the weekend. I've already got a funny Patreon video in mind... I can tell a few stories about the advertisers I've rejected!


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