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Skram by Liine

Liine, the makers of Lemur for iOS and Griid, has released an intense looking new music making studio! Skram presents different "devices" in a way that is similar to Tabletop. Like Tabletop this one arrives for $5 with strong hints at future IAPs. Sadly it is only available on iOS 9. Thanks to reader Matt Newby for the headsup on this one!

Skram iTunes Description:

Skram has everything you need to make electronic music on your iPad and quickly get great sounding results. Create killer sounds, riffs and grooves. Record the result.


Four expressive synth and drums Devices are included. We’re going to be creating more of these, lots more - covering a wide-range of styles and genres. You’ll be able to build your own personalized collection that matches your tastes. We promise you’ll be getting more for free too.


Skram contains three Widgets which allow you to create different kinds of musical patterns, and you’ll soon be able to get your hands on more. Some are inspired by real music machines, others are completely fresh for the world of software. They’re all simple, playful and inspiring.


Skram has the features you need to manipulate the whole performance. You can adjust levels, alter the speed of your music and carry out stunning key changes (with no need to know a single bit of music theory). Naturally, it’s easy to record your music and send it to a friend.

Many more new features will be rolled out this year too. Our Content Library will have great patterns you can use straight out of the box, or tweak to make your own. Gesture Automation will add life to your grooves, playing back your finger movements in realtime. Snapshots will let you store and recall those special musical moments without stopping the flow. The synthesis and sampling engine is going to expand, allowing for a wider range of sound textures and musical genres.

System Requirements

Requires iOS 9.0 or higher.

Buy Skram on iTunes: $4.99

Note that the second paragraph under "Features" is what they plan to include, and not current features. This intro video is badass though. I just wish they supported iOS 8 so I could do a video too!

Reader Comments 14

très intéressant

March 17, 2016  | person_outline S1ng3

It's Fun, lots of potential. Also made me redownload Pulse Code's Rhythm Studio on iPad...which has deeper synths and also does the acid thing pretty well.

March 17, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

Anyone know if this has export options yet? I guess it doesn't have audiobus or iaa?

March 17, 2016  | person_outline IncarnateX

Doesn't work on my iPad4 (not compatible)...grrrr. That could have been the best St-Patrick self-present...

March 17, 2016  | person_outline Cuscolima

Looks cool, it's liine, had money in my iTunes account, sooooooooo.....I bought it. Let's see if it gets my party started.

March 17, 2016  | person_outline Anonymouse

People. Please let the acid style die.

March 18, 2016  | person_outline Jgpuff

Sounds like another tabletopping money making scam with all the extra packs of this , packs of that. And don't forget, with every ios upgrade/update , you will be left with a broken app for six months before it gets updated , just like lemur.

March 18, 2016  | person_outline Harry

+1 @Harry

Sounds like a click bait: buy it for a bargain ($5) and then squander your money with endless IAPS

March 18, 2016  | person_outline Matt

@S1ng3 ça fait plaisir de voir qu'il y a des francophones sur ce blog :] (it is nice to see french speaking people hanging out on this blog)

March 18, 2016  | person_outline Matt

ce que le fak sont les Français disent ici, alors?

March 18, 2016  | person_outline Goo Gleme

Why assume that Skram is any form of $ scheme? It's also possible that it's a near-ideal-deal: Affordable entry fee and reasonable expansions as per users want / need.

I do think Liine should perhaps have debuted Skram with Audiobus and IAA intact as well as more Saving functions but despite all I think the world is a better place for Skram being here, now, flaws and all.

March 19, 2016  | person_outline Pete

its a bit fluffy pink clouds quite airy no real depth and pretty much devoid of any interesting tones other than acid type squelching for me it was indeed a waste of money .

March 20, 2016  | person_outline billythequeer

Having used Skram a bit now I'm impressed by the sonic palette and potential expressiveness within such a minimal setup but the true unexpected delight was adjustable loop lengths in the sequencer arp: instant compositional magic.

March 20, 2016  | person_outline Pete

Meh, whoever made this is looking to make a quick buck, don't see it lasting...didn't particularly capture my attention

March 20, 2016  | person_outline Mikey

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