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Perform-V App by TC-Helicon

TC-Helicon has released an app for controlling presets on their Perform-V vocal effects box. Rather than using Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, or carrier pigeon, the Perform-V App communicates to the hardware via 300 baud modem sounds. Retro!

Perform-V App iTunes Description:

This is the companion app to TC-Helicon's Perform-V, a mic-stand mounted vocal processor that opens up a whole new world of performance opportunities for singers.

The Perform-V Companion app offers 800+ preset sounds which can be "beamed" over-the-air from your iOS device to the Perform-V with nothing but your iPad or iPhone's external speaker.

Simply select a preset, hold your iPhone or iPad next to Perform-V's room-sense microphone, then press "Beam". The preset takes about 4 seconds to transfer via an audio signal which sounds like a Fax machine or an old computer modem to the human ear.

Expand the sonic capabilities of your Perform-V.


  • Search over 800 presets by Genre, Artist, Song.
  • Quickly access recently used presets.
  • Mark your favorites for later use.
  • "Beam" presets using your iPhone or iPad speaker to your Perform-V.
  • Automatically receive professionally authored preset update packs as the become available.

Buy Perform-V App on iTunes: Free

Reader Comments 9

Seriously? They get the preset info from listening to the *audio*? That is seriously messed up.

A Bluetooth LE chip costs about $.30. And instead of putting one into the Perform-V, they instead hacked a ton of software so give fax machine control? WTF?

This isn't part of an April Fool's day promotion, right? Two months from now, I'd be chuckling about this. But today, you've got me scratching my head in disbelief.

February 01, 2016  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

It's good for all the people with iPad2 or older or iphone 4 or older :)

February 01, 2016  | person_outline Bianca

I'm super conflicted on it. On the one hand... Dubya Tea Fuck is that about? One the other... Retro!

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Lol. I guess you can't really change stuff mid performance

February 01, 2016  | person_outline Hogo

Korg did retro first (starts at 00:20), only now it's an app rather than cassette load. Strange thing is, on the Korg you wouldn't (really-except in the video) hear it because it's wired. On this app you, and any audience, would.


February 02, 2016  | person_outline a1

I have a TC Electronics bass amp that does something similar - hold the phone up to the pickups on your bass, it makes a modem sound, and installs/activates the "FX" you chose in the iPhone app. I recognized it as kind of a gimmick when I bought the amp, but I liked the amp otherwise.

I still think it's kind of gimicky and would prefer it be via bluetooth, or even just a knob on the amp - download new effects via USB or whatever. I suppose positive aspect is you can get the new additions even if you have no computer and an older phone.

But what if you want to change up your FX for the next song in a noisy environment. Like, I don't know, on stage... not sure that one was thought through.

February 04, 2016  | person_outline Joe

here is a novel idea. how bout you already have your presets in there BEFORE the show !!!

February 22, 2016  | person_outline gt

Still can't make any sense of this TC unit
I understand it had 3 presets ans I beam over more / change etc but if I have that right that's really not going to work for most people in a real live situation
As per previous comment pre sets need to be in pre show and you also need to be able aces by song quickly and non chronlogically in case there's a need to move the set around etc
I hope I have it wrong and there's a way to do this otherwise I feel it's only going to work for those who have a core sound / fx and don't need to change much during the show etc
I sometimes wonder who they get to test these products / input on design as I feel that from the voicelive 1 the units seem less and less practically usable and ore like gimmicky toys

February 29, 2016  | person_outline Mike

I can't believe the majority of these comments. The unit is not rocket science. You have 3 presets that can each be loaded with a combo of echo, reverb and doubling. Each of those effects has multiple choices that can be accessed and edited in real time: 4 reverbs, 4 echoes and 2 different doubling settings. In addition, each preset can be loaded with a second completely different preset; like harmony, etc. along with the previously mentioned combination of effects like reverb, etc. With their optional footswitch 3 (which I highly recommend) it's a snap to switch between those 6 settings. How many more do you actually need? So many of these units, be they for guitar or vocals or whatever, have about 6 to 10 settings that most people actually use. There isn't much need to sound like a giant or an elf, or to boom your voice out like a megaphone. For the price this is a very usable and user friendly processor. If you need to add presets on stage either you need another unit with more presets or you need to get better organized before you play.

March 28, 2016  | person_outline Ernie Garland

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