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Let's Play with Phasemaker

With the site running smoothly, I was able to dedicate some time this week to actually playing with the music apps I've been reporting on! I'm diving back into the Let's Play series with the latest FM synth: Phasemaker! I'm a big fan of FM, but hate having to explain it. So I don't!

This Let's Play is just sound design, with the basic concepts of FM. If you want a lengthy explanation on FM synthesis, check out pantsofdeath's video on the subject.

Video Description:

I'm back! After a long stretch of working on the new code for my website, I'm back to bring you more Let's Plays. Let's get the ball rolling with a new FM synth, Phasemaker!

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Reader Comments 10

Hi Tim, great to have the lets play series back on track again, always an inspiration.

OT: funny series of Google searches there Tim, gay porn, hard gay porn, and harder gay porn...Lets Play lol
October 28, 2016  | person_outline gsm909
LOL, yeah. My time on Reddit and similar sites has revealed that whenever you show off something on a web browser, more people spend more time looking at the other tabs rather than the one you're showing them.

I thought I'd tell a story with my background tabs. ;)
"a fun TWINK sound"

Psychoanalysis not required Mr. Tim.

October 29, 2016  | person TBIRD
Let's play all of a sudden sounds a like a line from Grindr. ^^
October 29, 2016  | person_outline lala
It's plink not twink, now let's psychoanalys you. ;)
October 29, 2016  | person_outline lala

@TBIRD: Yeah, I'm afraid lala is correct. I was saying, "plink." ;)
^^ insert suffisant smile here ^^
October 29, 2016  | person_outline lala
I don't know if it's different for FM synthesis, but a 440Hz it's an A above middle C
October 31, 2016  | person Ragnamarus
You're correct! I misspoke. I should have said Middle A.

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