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KQ MiniSynth

KQ MiniSynth is modular synth for Universal iOS, arriving with MIDI and IAA! Unfortunately there's not a demo.

KQ MiniSynth iTunes Description:

KQ MiniSynth is a polyphonic modular synthesizer. External MIDI (e.g. iRig MIDI) is Supported. Inter-App Audio is Supported. This app implements the follow modules.


  • Oscillator Type A (Frequency Modulation)
  • Oscillator Type B (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Super Saw Oscillator
  • Low Frequency Oscillator
  • White Noise Generator


  • 4 Channel Mixer
  • Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
  • Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
  • Booster


  • Envelope Generator Type A
  • Envelope Generator Type B
  • Inverting Circuit
  • Logical And (Series Switch)
  • Logical Or (Parallel Switch)
  • Maximum/Minimum Selector


  • V/Oct Vibrator
  • Keyboard Level Scaling
  • Ring Modulator


  • Voltage-Controlled Filter (LPF/HPF/BPF/BEF)
  • Delay Effector
  • Reverb Filter
  • Compressor

The app was tested on iPod touch 4G, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, and iPad mini 3. The Recommended Minimum Device: iPhone 5, iPad 2, or newer.

If you feel noisy or slow, try to decrease polyphony and increase buffer size on Settings.app.

Buy KQ MiniSynth on iTunes: $3.99

Reader Comments 7

Hello, I found the settings for the keyboard but where are the settings for buffer?

Thank you,


January 11, 2016  | person_outline Bill

Buffer and midi channel select and a bunch of stuff are located in your devices Settings page..thought there was no midi select and wrote the dev, he set me straight and also said AB is written into the next update already...I think I insulted the guy by include a link to the AB dev page...

This is a cool take on virtual modular, rack style but GUI doesn't have virtual cabling, touch the "out" it highlights all the possible "ins", ins and out are coded with color, and if you lost track you can tap whatever port you were wondering about, and it will highlight where it is connected.

all the modules have explanatory blurbs, the possible oscillators per patch is >8 (just going by included patches, the Organ has nine.

Pretty big all around for somehow called Mini

January 11, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

There is a bug in languages other than English or Japanese.
For example: After switching to German language all texts are shown in Japanese instead of English.
Other Languages could be affected too.

January 12, 2016  | person_outline Duskyshark

Developer already updated for Audiobus, language glitch and moved the preferences to inappropriate panel...2 days later. Let's Play?

January 13, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

The language bug is also fixed in the update.

January 13, 2016  | person_outline Duskyshark

Man I'm having trouble with autocorrect: "moved preferences to inapp panel"

This would be a cool one for lets play as its $4, but deep, and accessible.

January 13, 2016  | person_outline Littlewoodg

Just picked this up. Universal though tiny on my iPhone 6+. It sounds pretty good. I like it. Note it supports both AU and IAA. It has a full IAA Transport for starting, stopping, recording and return to IAA Host.

February 02, 2016  | person_outline philowerx

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